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As an Event Planner you require a lot of time, planning and effort. Las Paletas has the best ice cream in Cape Town so use us for your event Planning Ideas. Where do you get the flowers from? How should the seating arrangements be made? What are you going to serve for starters, main course and dessert? The chaos is the real, and this is why event planning companies are now being appreciated for the efforts they put in to execute an event that you have dreamt of. But obviously, being an event planner is not easy. You need to maintain the high quality and keeping in view the client’s demands is also crucial. With Las Paletas, you can bring high quality and health-friendly dessert to your events. No compromise on quality and quantity and you get one of the most delicious and finger-licking good icecream at every occasion.

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Event Planner Ideas with Las Paletas Ice Cream

Las Paletas aims to create the best artisan ice cream that you would have ever tasted. It focuses on quality and uses all-natural ingredients to make an ice cream that not only tastes good but is handmade too — our team at Las Paletas manufacturers everything in-house on their own. By using high quality and fresh ingredients like nuts, herbs and fruits, we can make the most excellent ice cream that you would have ever tasted. Bringing you the perfect punch of blended flavours with real and fresh dairy, Las Paletas has been winning awards since three consecutive years for the best ice cream on a stick.

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Our ice creams are free from artificial ingredients and flavours. The recipes have been combined smartly to bring a beautiful blend of best and freshest flavours. Thus as an event planner can rely on us blindly. Our team provides you with expert ice cream makers who make fresh ice cream right away at your event. Whether it is a wedding or a corporate event; Las Paletas can handle everything, promising you a dessert that your clients won’t ever forget. We also get your company’s name printed on the icecream sticks if you want to. This further helps our clients in marketing themselves efficiently. Every batch our professionals make is unique and worth gulping down your throat. It will undoubtedly leave you craving for more. From fresh yogurts to sorbets and from traditional ice cream to popsicles; Las Paletas offers you everything that you and your clients might wish for.

Our creative team has tons of different ideas for event planning. We have chocolate dripping stations and ice cream bars where you can add a lot more taste to your ice cream and have it just the way you want it. Whether it is a New Years Party or you are hosting an engagement ceremony; Las Paletas has you covered. Since the last three years, we have been awarded in South Africa, for the best ice creams. Moreover, we have been a part of more than 300 events, and all of them have been a significant success. Thus, you can look forward to us, and you won’t be disappointed. Everyone is going to love the desserts. Moroever, your event planning company is also going to get the hype that it has been looking for.

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Our ice cream not only set the bar higher but also tend to be one of the best ones that anyone would have ever eaten. Contact us today, and we would love to help you plan an event that your client will remember. We understand what guests need at an event, and we are here to provide it to them. Let us create the sweet magic that your events are missing, and you won’t regret investing in us!

Are you an event planner?

Are you an event planner. Event planning Ideas has never been easier with Las Paletas Ice Cream. We have a variety of Ice Cream bars and chocolate dipping stations to drizzle and drip  ice cream near me cravings at your corporate event function and year end party.

Why us at your event. Las Paletas has been awarded the best ice cream on a stick in South Africa for the last 3 years by the SA Dairy Council.  But it does stop there. Having done over 300 events in the last few years we know the level or service you expect and having done so many events over the years we know what your guests expect at a corporate event.

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