The Best Ice Cream in South Africa

The Best Ice Cream in South Africa

Are you looking for something entirely natural? Well then, we at Las Paletas are your best bet then. Above all other products ours was voted The Best Ice Cream in South Africa. We excel in providing the best hand-made, artisan ice cream in South Africa and if not the best Frozen Dessert in Cape Town and have been awarded for the last three consecutive years. We feel grateful to share that we have been voted for the best ice cream in South Africa. Moreover, we are also the best ice cream in Cape Town. Thus, if you are hanging around and are looking for ice cream near me, do visit us and bless your taste buds with the best frozen treats you have ever tasted.

The Best Ice Cream in South Africa


On Top you will see the us receive this award. In Fact, Las Paletas has been awarded as the Grande Chocolate for 2017 and 2018. We have the tastiest and delicious grande chocolate on a stick. For example for us to illustrate this. You are going to delve into this ice cream which has classic brownies pieces in it. Besides that your taste buds will burst with the flavours of Belgian chocolate in which it’s dipped with nuts. Finally, there is nothing like this unique yet divine burst of flavours in the name of gourmet ice cream.

The SA Dairy Championships, awards Las Paletas the best Frozen Dessert in South Africa.

The SA Dairy Championship is held every year at Grand West Casino. We have been a regular part of this event. In 2017, 2018 and again this year, we have consecutively won the award for best ice cream here. We are officially the best ice cream producer in Cape Town as we have served over 500,00 portions of our delicious ice cream in this town. Voted as the best ice cream in South Africa. This is not less than a milestone for us, and we are hoping to embrace the coming years with the same energy..

Our Team makes the best Gelato in South Africa

Our team at Las Paletas has magically weaved beautiful recipes. These recipes consequently focus on natural ingredients because natural is good after all. Our truly unique combination brings a very different yet beautiful taste to your buds. Furthermore, we aim to bring every flavour out, in every bite, Whether it is our award-winning Grande chocolate ice cream or our traditional flavours of ice cream; we tend to put love and effort in all of our variations.

Why Las Paletas Ice Cream is the best Frozen Dessert in Cape Town?

Firstly our our products are free of artificial flavours. Secondly, we dont use any flavourants and or colorants at all. Not natural flavourants or identical colorants. Really, none at all. Finally, the natural fruit that we use does it all for us, so no need to add any.

Our Frozen Dessert is 100% Natural

Las Paletas creates Frozen Dessert and Gelato with 100% natural ingredients. Therefore our frozen treats ensures the fact that you are always going to bless your taste buds with natural, human-made artisan dessert at Las Paletas. Thus, if you are looking for the best ice cream near me then we at Las Paletas is the answer you are looking for. We would highly recommend you try our Grande Chocolate, it’s nothing but magical. We also cater at events and have helped several event management and planning companies with our award winning desserts. You can rely on us for serving you anywhere and everywhere with our expertise at your right-hand.

Visit us and dive into the best flavour bursting treats you have ever had.

Natural Belgian Chocolate Ice cream with chocolate brownie pieces dipped into Belgian Chocolate and nuts

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