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Ice Cream Near Me

Las Paletas Ice Cream Truck

Are you looking for Homemade Ice Cream ‘near me’ in Cape Town?   If there is one thing all South Africans love, it’s ice cream. However, if you are searching for ‘ice cream near me’ in Cape Town, you likely don’t just want a boring scoop of vanilla. You want something special. At Las Paletas, […]

Food Delivery During Lockdown

Food Deliveries During the 21 Day Lockdown. Firstly, let me tell you. As Owners and Co-Founders of Las Paletas Ice Cream, we will never forget the date our Government announced the 21 Day Lockdown.  The thoughts that went through our minds were  (….) And again, (….).  We plan well financially, but we didn’t expect this. […]

Sugar-Free Ice Cream

Delicious Sugar Free Pomegranate Popsicles

Sugar-Free Ice Cream – Anything’s Possible with Las Paletas There’s no better way to celebrate than with fresh, natural ice cream. Therefore, we have created a range of sugar-free ice cream varieties. Firstly, our Banting dessert is perfect for those who don’t want sugar. Secondly, we have created the ideal Diabetic Ice Cream. Thirdly, you […]

Alcoholic Ice Lollies

Strawberry Alcoholic Popsicles for Jc Le Roux by Las Paletas Ice Cream

Alcoholic Ice Lollies Drinking alcohol responsibility can bring joy to adult entertainment. It can make a shy person get up and dance and loosen the mood. With living in such an innovative world, there are all sorts of different ways people can consume their favourite alcohol beverage. Without a doubt, one of those ways is […]

Natural Ice Cream by Las Paletas

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Las Paletas launches a new 100% Natural ice Cream range.   There is nothing that a tasty and delicious cone or stick of ice cream cannot solve. Whether you are sad or blue or you are so happy and wish to celebrate. Ice cream is the perfect answer for almost everything—especially 100% natural ice cream. […]

The Best Ice Cream in South Africa

It's the best Ice Cream in South Africa, It's the best Ice Cream in Cape Town

The Best Ice Cream in South Africa Are you looking for something entirely natural? Well then, we at Las Paletas are your best bet then. Above all other products, ours has voted The Best Ice Cream in South Africa. We excel in providing the best hand-made, artisan ice cream in South Africa and if not […]