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Ultimate decadent Ice Cream Family Box containing a variety of Gourmet Ice Cream and Lollies, Popsicle's by Las Paletas
Las Paletas Happy Box (Feeds 38 - 43 people) 4...
Decorate your own variety gourmet popsicle's and lollies by Las Paletas
Lollies happy Box (Feeds 18 - 20 people) 5 Brownie...
Colourful Favour Variety of personal size ice cream tubs for home delivery by Las Paletas
Mini Scoops Happy box 1 x Dulce de Leche 120...
Happy Box Set of Gourmet Ice Cream with Toppings and Magic Shell Chocolate by Las Paletas
Scoops Box (feeds 15 -20 people) Perfect for a party,...
Kids friendly Ice Cream and lollies, popsicles, variety happy box by Las Paletas
Kids Happy Box (Feeds 18- 20 kids) 3 Valencia Orange...

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