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Welcome to Las Paletas!

The home of the finest handmade artisan sorbet and dairy lollies.

Tantalise your taste buds with the finest assortments of exclusive ice lollies.

Las Paletas has the widest range of exclusive sorbets and dairy lollies in flavours that push the boundaries of taste.  And all are made with the freshest ingredients possible!

We implore you to dive in and try the unusual and exotic flavours.

Go on … indulge yourself in a lolly paradise!

Las Paletas makes the finest handmade artisan sorbet and dairy lollies in small batches, using top quality ingredients. The freshest fruits, nuts, herbs and spices are blended together with real dairy to make the most exclusive and tasty frozen delights. All Las Paletas products are 100% natural and free from artificial flavourings and colourings. With Las Paletas, fresh and natural is what you will always get.

The recipes for the Las Paletas sorbets and dairy lollies have been created to bring out the full taste of the fresh ingredients. Traditional ice cream, frozen yoghurt and fresh fruit juices have been given a fresh and tasty lift. Every batch is unique!

Las Paletas has a range of services that support the freshest and tastiest real dairy ice creams and fresh fruit sorbets. From making our lollies available at events, to getting them into retail outlets, Las Paletas can provide.

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Online Ordering Made Easy

Our online shop has all our delectable frozen treats just waiting for you to click a button and order. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please get hold of us and we will make a plan for you.

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