How Las Paletas Started

How Las Paletas Started

The inspiration behind how Las Paletas started. This dates back to being surrounded by true food-lovers. Along with Latin American flavours and a community of sharing. Journeying through life with this hidden innate love for Food.  Co-Founder Diana Chavarro decided to pursue her creative talents and enter the world of design. She contributed much to the design industry in London as well as various premium South African brands. But alas she could no longer ignore the passionate food lover inside her. After that, with her husband Jason Sandell. Jason was a marketer and great ambassador of Las Paletas. They finally decided to share a piece of Latin America with Cape Town.


Las Paletas Co-Founders Diana Chavarro and Jason Sandell
Co-Founders of Las Paletas Diana Chavarro & Jason Sandell


This humble, traditional Colombian dessert is made purely from fruit. Since Colombia has no seasons, the fruit is available all year round. The same principle gives Las Paletas its point of difference in South Africa. This is how Las Paletas Started. Apart from the fact that it’s made from the freshest fruit, low amounts of sugar. The artisanal flair in our recipes will keep you delighted and intrigued. We know you will be enjoying our treats all year round!

Las Paletas fruit and dairy Ice Cream Created by Diana Chavarro and Jason Sandell

Unconventional Ice Cream

Our unusual yet natural fruit and dessert ingredient combinations include. Sour Mango, Pineapple & Chilli, Spiced Mango lassi, Dark Chocolate, Papaya & lemon, Roasted Banana & cinnamon, Coconut lemonade. Each lolly at Las Paletas is hand-made with love and attention to detail. Using only the purest of ingredients and no artificial flavours, colourants or additives. You can, therefore, enjoy the carnival of guilt-free Ice Cream flavours! This is how Las Paletas started.

Las Paletas Ice Cream stated with great products

Exciting Flavours and How Las Paletas Started

Introducing new flavours all the time as we move through the seasons in Cape Town. Besides, locals who crave our dessert sensation will have various unique flavour options year-round. Subsequently, our decadence of new flavours will give ice lollies a place in the hearts of locals all over Cape Town.


Happy and excited fans of Las Paletas Ice Cream served by Jason Sandell

Within six months of starting, I still wonder how Las Paletas began when I think back. Well, firstly, we started in Jan 2012. Following this Las Paletas was quickly featuring at various local fresh food markets. Including the Galileo Outdoor Cinema, Pick n Pay Taste of Cape Town, SA Cheese festival as well as the Olive Festival. Consequently, they also took part in the Good Food and Wine Show and the extravagant SA Wedding Expo.


Las Paletas Ice Cream dipped into real chocolate by Diana Chavarro
Las Paletas Lollies dipped into Belgian Chocolate.

Las Paletas Ice Cream at events

The experience extends to wedding catering, kiddies parties’, dinners and corporate staff/client functions. Throw in order of specially made Las Paletas Ice Lollies and prepare for the most memorable taste sensation your guests will experience.


Las Paletas very first business cards with old branding
Our very first Business Cards


Importantly, both Diana Chavarro and Jason Sandell have experience in both design and marketing. Therefore enabled them to create a brand like Las Paletas is today. Undoubtedly, one that is genuinely refreshing, eye-catching and speaks to the nature of the product. That’s How Las Paletas Started.

Strawberry and Cream created by Del Fonte Photography


Our first Good Food & Wine Show

We attended our very first Good Food and Wine Show at the CTICC way back in 2013. Here Jade de Waal from Food Jams interviews both Co-Founders Diana Chavarro and Jason Sandell.



Article by Jason Sandell

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