White Chocolate and Berries


Fresh berries, the finest white chocolate and real dairy ice cream and blended together to make this delectable frozen treat. The Las Paletas White Chocolate and Berries Ice Cream infuses the sweetness of fresh berries the joy of real chocolate together in taste that will delight anyone.



White Chocolate and Berries

Obviously, it’s the law of nature that everyone and everything returns back to its most basic form. And at that stage, simplicity is the only thing that can make a thing perfect and a person happy. Same goes with food, the simpler the ingredients and the method of preparation, the tastier it would be. So then this must be true about our White Chocolate and Berries Ice Cream. If you have a knack for this kind of thing, wherever you will go, you will be able to appreciate nature for what it actually is. Hence our version of the classic Neapolitan Ice Cream is a must try for all.

At Las Paletas, we embrace this principle of nature and employ a method using which we can make delicious little treats that keep anyone who takes a bite coming back to get some more. Our ice creams on a stick are the perfect blend of natural ingredients in their purest of form. Appreciated by everyone who has tasted them. In the current context, we are going to take a precise look at our trademark, Neapolitan ice cream.

Neapolitan ice cream is a custard-based ice cream that is prepared according to the book by mixing 5 different kinds of berries in the same recipe. Now think of the joy that a perfect blend of white chocolate and berries would bring to a sour little tongue in the hottest days of summer.

Proven health benefits of our White Chocolate and Berries

First of all, we know that Neapolitan ice cream is a perfect mixture of white chocolate and berries with a hint of vanilla. A true custard base is the basis upon which the whole recipe is built.

Now we all know what chocolate brings to our health, instant energy, fresher skin enhanced immunity and decreased cholesterol. Now, if we put real vanilla on the table, used as a fragrance in the 90s, it is the main ingredient of majority of our foods and in this case, the ice cream. Vanilla has proven to be a beneficial tool in reducing heart diseases, boosting immunity, promoting hair growth. Subsequently reducing acne. Finally remedying stress.

Now come to the berries, they are rich in nutritional components which are as follows:

  • Calories
  • Carbs
  • Fiber
  • Protein
  • Sugar
  • Fat
  • Water
  • Vitamins and minerals

Importantly, the fibers in the berries have the ability to feed the protective bacteria in your gut. Keeping your digestion healthy. Therefore the health benefits include by using berries are:

  • Firstly, Prevention of heart diseases.
  • Secondly, Control of blood sugar level.
  • Thirdly, Prevention of cancer.
  • Fourthly, Improved lipid profile.
  • Finally, Reduced hypertension.

Simple and natural

Without a doubt, we prefer making our White Chocolate and Berries ice cream with only the natural ingredients. No Artificial powders and colourants are used at all. It should be noted. Real white Belgian chocolate is used in our award winning Ice Cream. Mixed with a blend of mildly sweet, sour and tarty berries, and to top it all, a hint of vanilla flavour.

As far as our actual recipe is concerned, we invite you to visit us and taste our Neapolitan ice cream. If you are able to figure out our complete recipe, the ice cream is on the house. Just kidding.

Furthermore, we also cater for weddings and corporate events and have done loads of product launches across South Africa with our Ice Cream. Get in touch to find out more. Want to know where you can find a Deli that stocks Las Paletas Ice Cream.


Creamy White Belgian Chocolate Lollies with mix berry coulis
This is our version of Neopolitan Ice Cream. However we call ours, White Chocolate and Berries.


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