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From Passion to Palette

genuine flavors transforms into a vibrant palette of lollies that redefine the concept of frozen treats.

our story

In 2012, Diana Chavarro, originally from Colombia, established Las Paletas in Cape Town, marking South Africa’s inaugural venture into crafting entirely natural Lollies. Inspired by her cherished Latin American childhood treat, Diana aimed to introduce this delight to South Africa upon her relocation.

Handcrafted in small batches, Las Paletas’ offerings boast premium ingredients, void of flavourings, colorants, stabilizers, or thickeners. The commitment extends to refraining from using pulps or concentrates in any product.

Since its inception, Las Paletas has emerged as a trailblazer in ice cream, innovating with 100% natural lollies and an extensive range of ice cream varieties for esteemed brands across South Africa. What sets Las Paletas apart is the genuine passion and authenticity infused into their products, underpinned by Diana’s decade-plus expertise in the field, fostering creativity and unmatched knowledge.

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