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Alcoholic Ice Lollies

Drinking alcohol responsibility can bring joy to adult entertainment. It can make a shy person get up and dance and loosen the mood. With living in such an innovative world, there are all sorts of different ways people can consume their favourite alcohol beverage. Without a doubt, one of those ways is by implementing them in alcoholic ice cream pops. Therefore we have created a range of Alcoholic Ice Lollies and Alcoholic Popsicles. These have been designed for various brands across Cape Town. Subsequently our Champagne Lollies for J.C. le Roux.


Las Paletas creates a range of Alcoholic Lollies and Ice Cream for JC Le Roux
Las Paletas Ice Cream is part of the Champagne tasting


Admired and sought after amongst adults. Alcoholic Ice Lollies, or if you prefer to call them Alcoholic Popsicles are created uniquely for each customer. We have put an alcoholic twist in each brand. Besides, it creates a fun and attractive ways to spice up marketing and branding events. Including weddings and corporate events, right through to new brand activations. Because they are in high demand, we here at Las Paletas strive to create the finest alcoholic lollies just for you. Having catered over 150 different corporate events, both large and small. We understand how vital presentation and quality are. By using the freshest ingredients that will enrich personal events and enhance your company’s branding every time.

Promotional Alcoholic Ice Lollies.

We have worked diligently with various corporate brands. Providing them with incredible alcoholic ice lollies to optimize their marketing strategies. For instance, we have developed champagne lollies for The House of J.C. LE Roux. Gin and Tonic lollies for Bulldog London Dry Gin along with Gordons Gin. Both have been widely successful. JC Le Roux has included these Champagne Lollies in their tasting room. From flavour, down to personalizing the actual sticks themselves.  We ensure every pop can fulfil your advertising requirements to maximize marketing spend. Even with companies utilizing our services quite often, we still collaborate with a vast array of special events as well.


Litchi Infused Jc Le Roux Vibrazio Ice Cream

Alcoholic Ice Lollies For Special Events

Sure, you can offer alcoholic beverages at your event or in your retail outlet, but why not exotify it a bit? There are many reasons why you would want to implement tasty champagne or tequila lollies into extraordinary events. Or if you want a different alcoholic ingredient such as beer, we can do that too. Whatever flavour you decide on, alcoholic ice lollies are certainly an added feature that will create something to talk about. Alcoholic lollies add aesthetic appeal, creativity, and personalized touch to every event.


Strawberry Alcoholic Popsicles for Jc Le Roux by Las Paletas Ice Cream
Strawberry infused JC Le Roux Vibrazio Popsicles

Let’s Collaborate!

Las Paletas is clearly known to manufacture the very best ice cream in Cape Town. Delivering high-quality alcoholic lollies is unquestionable our passion and devotion. Apart from this, we will definitely exceed your expectations. Our creations are widely diverse. Along with customised your branding needs into the Ice Cream. Particularly, by personalising the stick. In contrast to just branding the wrapper. Whether you need champagne, gin and tonic or even tequila lollies. Apart from this, they can all be created uniquely, just for your brand.

Furthermore, we have also made plenty of other alcohol lollies in the past. These include vodka, wine, beer, cider, and even cream liquor lollies. We are very flexible. So don’t hesitate to request something different. Whatever your vision is, we can make it a reality.



Moreover, every customer we have dealt with has been fully satisfied and happy with the end product we have created. We have nothing but a positive track record. Therefore you can solidify your confidence that your alcoholic pop needs are in the very best hands.

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Article by Jason Sandell

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