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There is nothing tastier than fresh orange juice. The Las Paletas Valencia Orange Sorbet is made from 100% Orange juice from Oranges squeezed by us. This amazing fruit sorbet has the amazing sweetness and sharpness one expects from biting into a fresh orange, but frozen onto a stick.

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Pure Orange Sorbet Ice Cream

Fresh juicy oranges straight from the orchards. Did your mouth start watering? Well, Las Paletas should be your only stop if you want that! At Las Paletas, our Orange Sorbet Ice Cream is a heavenly delight for the orange lovers because guess what? It’s orange ice cream flavours we use but rather a real Orange Juice directly from the tree. Introducing our Orange Ice Cream Popsicle.

Las Paletas makes Ice creams purely from fresh and pure ingredients that are both healthy and tasty. We mix only pure ingredients to give you a frozen delight that is not only delectable but also healthy. Our orange ice cream Popsicle is made with virgin pulp from cold-pressed oranges with not orange ice cream flavours or even a single drop of water. At Las Paletas, we do not add any artificial colouring, flavours, additives or preservatives. We don’t use any heat or chemical procedure to prepare our ice creams. In this way, Las Paletas is the only place that keeps the freshness of natural ingredients intact.

We love what we create, and so do our customers. Our fresh and natural Orange Sorbet Ice cream is among them. The handpicked cold-pressed oranges are squeezed and frozen into a lolly that is going to light up your taste buds.

Health Benefits of our Orange Sorbet Ice Cream

We hate to make ice cream a little junk for the body because everyone loves it since childhood. Therefore, We give you an ice cream that comes with real fruit benefits, along with being incredibly flavoursome. Why do we say so? Because

  • They are an excellent source for getting Vitamin C for your body.
  • Oranges boost our immune system.
  • Prevents skin and gum damage.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Maintaining Blood Sugar Levels..
  • They reduce the risk of cancer.


Natural Orange Sorbet Popsicle's and lollies by Las Paletas Ice Cream



We make our Orange Sorbet Ice Cream with selected Valencia oranges, handpicked, and cold-pressed orange juice. Then we mix 100% pure and natural orange juice with the tinge of lemon that we squeeze ourselves. We sprinkle these two fine ingredients with sugar to enhance the natural flavours. Finally, we freeze the combination together into a lolly just for you.

Las Paletas believes in providing our customers with only healthy treats and is determined to continue doing this. That is why we only choose the finest quality ingredients for all our ice creams. Such as, we only use natural tree oranges and cold-press them to retain all the essential vitamins and minerals: no added preservatives, strange additives, or artificial chemicals. Also, we make sorbet ice creams without heat.

Las Paletas ice creams are best in town because we include nature’s goodness in it. From your first lick to your last bite, Orange Sorbet Ice Cream is exactly that. So, next time you crave that little tanginess on a stick, come straight to Las Paletas.

You can trust us to cater to your Wedding or Corporate Event.

Visit Las Paletas today and treat your taste buds to real fruit!

Want to know our secret recipe. Watch our Co-Founder Jason Sandell make these fantastic Ice Cream Popsicles.

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