Watermelon and Mint


Watermelon and mint make the most refreshing combination imaginable. The sensual and refreshing cocktail of flavours is delicate and tasty and makes the mouth water. Not too heavy on the sweetness and overflowing with taste this is a truly sophisticated sorbet the cools and refreshes like no other.



Watermelon and Mint Sorbet Ice Cream

Who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing watermelon on a hot summers day? We created a Watermelon and Mint Sorbet Ice Cream just for you. Summers have just become more refreshing. With our seasonal fresh fruit Popsicle’s and Lollies here at Las Paletas Ice Cream. Therefore, our special watermelon and mint Sorbet Ice Cream is your ultimate go-to dessert this summer.

Our Popsicle’s contain fresh seasonal watermelons. Fresh mint leaves mixed and blended together. We buy only 100% natural ingredients just for you. This is what makes our ice cream so special. We do not add any artificial colors, flavors, additives or preservatives. Las Paletas is all about nature’s true flavors. That is why we also do not use any sort of heat during the to preparation of our Frozen Popsicle’s. We actually call them Paletas. Therefore we retain all the natural freshness, nutrients and vitamins. Clearly we have created something truly healthy here.

Our Las Paletas Watermelon and Mint Sorbet Ice Cream is also breathtakingly delightful. Get ready to be cool this summer. With all the natural flavor of juicy watermelons with real mint. These two refreshing ingredients are frozen into a Popsicle. It will be the only thing your taste-buds demand.

Health Benefits of our Paletas

Las Paletas is here to make healthy lollies for everyone! How? We only use 100 % natural and fresh ingredients for our ice creams. The use of pure nature’s ingredients has many health benefits in this watermelon Popsicle.

Watermelon is extremely useful in hydrating the body. Firstly, it cures dehydration caused by the summer heat. Secondly, It’s useful for a healthy heart. Thirdly, adding watermelon in the diet relieves oxidative stress, alleviates muscle soreness along with inflammation. Finally, the use of watermelon is quite effective in reducing the risk of cancer. Hence our Watermelon Ice Cream must be good for you.

People have used mint for centuries. Mint soothes tense stomach muscles. It is also extremely useful in treating indigestion and bloating. Mint increases bile secretion that improves your overall digestive system.


Refreshing seasonal Watermelon and Mint Popsicle's and lollies by Las Paletas Ice Cream


Want to relax in the presence of these encroaching sun rays? Don’t ! We have the perfect sorbet to cool you down in the burning Cape Town summer heat.

Las Paletas brings you the best two refreshing ingredients. Unquestionably loved by everyone and frozen together into a single Popsicle. Yes, you guessed it right! Watermelon and mint. We blend 100% natural and fine cut watermelons. Then, mix them with fresh mint leaves to create the most delectable ice cream flavor for summer. Our ice creams are special because. Obviously there is nothing artificial. Particularly we strictly say no to any artificial colorings, flavors or additives. It should be noted. No heat treatment is used in our manufacturing process. Above all we believe in always preparing something fresh, and healthy.

Undoubtedly, make us your trusted ice cream partner. At your wedding or  corporate event. Say goodbye to regular ice cream. Now, get ready to eat a healthy Las Paletas Popsicle.


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