Winter Warmer Box


This winter, cosy up in the comfort of your home with a nice movie and a decadent Waffles with Ice Cream. What is in the box:

4 Real Frozen Home Made Belgian Waffles,

Homemade Belgian Milk Chocolate Magic Shell

Almond Flakes.

1 Pint of your choice of Las Paletas scoop

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Instructions: Put waffles in the toaster. Remove the lid from the magic shell and microwave for 30 seconds then stir with a spoon. If needed microwave for an extra 15 seconds, be careful not to burn it.

Scoop your ice cream onto your waffle, drizzle over the magic shell and sprinkle on your nuts. Enjoy.

Keep frozen: Belgian Waffles & Ice Cream

Keep at room Temperature: Nuts & Magic Shell