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Food Trucks in Cape Town


Unquestionably, food trucks have grown in popularity over the last five years. In particular, each has its unique twist on homemade food. Without a doubt, the focus is on what’s unique and different out there. Therefore we have listed what we think are the Best Food Trucks in Cape Town. The following Food Trucks to Hire are in no particular order. These are all definitely all worth a visit and all are ideally suited for your next corporate event or Summer Wedding in and around Cape Town.


Best Food Trucks around Cape Town with Las Paletas

Love Burgers Food Truck


Firstly, who doesn’t love a good burger? Alan, the owner of Love Burgers, makes this list twice. Take a look at La Barista Coffee Bars and Food Truck below.


The Love Burgers Food Truck

Love Burgers Contact Details

Allan McCreadie
Tel: 082 494 8419
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/Labarista.za/
Instagram: instagram.com/la_barista_za/
Website: www.labarista.co.za


Holy Macaroni Food Truck


Absolutely, Claire Goosen has started some different here. Finally a Macaroni Food Truck. Besides, it’s super diverse and well worth having at your corporate event this year. So, if you hadn’t guessed it by the name, they are your connoisseurs of all things mac ‘n’ cheesy. They started in July 2017 by husband and Wife duo Ron & Claire. Both are from what we know, complete and absolute Cape Town Foodies.




Holy Macaroni launched in the heart of comfort food season, and it was love at first bite. People often ask why mac ‘n’ cheese – but in our world, you can never go wrong with carbs & cheese! We have taken a traditional dish, jazzed it up with more cheese than you know and have a variety of toppings for all your flavour profiles! We pride ourselves on the top quality products we use in each dish this includes a mix of local & imported. As the business has grown, we have launched other cheesy items such as deep-fried mozzarella sticks drizzled with truffle mayo – to die for.

Holy Macaroni has a seven-day operation inside Mojo Market (Sea Point) & of course, the newest addition to the mac family is food trailer which we use for events. Everything from music festivals, school carnivals and sporting events.

Holy Macaroni Contact details

Ronald and Claire Goosen
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/holymacsa
Instagram: instagram.com/holymacsa
Website: www.holymacaroni.co.za



Ardi Food Truck


Ardi’s actual;y have 3 Food Trucks in their range.

The Ardi’s brand began over 20 years ago as a popular franchise of burger restaurants throughout the Western Cape. We quickly became well known for our great burgers as well as our classic hot sandwiches. Ardi’s began with the aim of providing fast, fresh & tasty food which was always good value. These values are still what drives us today.


The Ardi Food Truck in Cape Town


After the franchise was sold off the brand was revived in the form of our new ‘70s inspired surf-scene food trucks. Our trucks specialise in creating the Cape’s tastiest burgers and shawarmas. From our classic grilled beef burger to our famous falafel- we have it all!  Every meal is made up fresh in front of the customer, and they tell us exactly how they like it. We currently have two food trucks as well as a coffee-truck. We’re available for all types of events and are guaranteed to keep serving the stoked wherever we go!


Ardi contact details

Ardi or Stephen
Tel: 082 655 0137
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: (None) Just good fashion old school.
Instagram: (None) Amazing in this era.
Website: www.ardis.co.za


Bali Food Truck


For those of you that are still crazing street food from your last Asian holiday, the Bali Food Truck is your best bet for your Corporate event.



Bali Truck contact details

Frieda Adriaensen
Tel: 082 674 0182
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/BaliFoodTruckSA/
Twitter: twitter.com/balifoodtrucksa/
Website: www.balifoodtruck.co.za




The Lotus Food Truck


Lotus Food Truck is a Cape town based food truck focusing on serving delicious contemporary Asian street food. Think amazing fresh salads, tasty Satay’s, delightful beef short rib, Thai Curry fragrant snacks and refreshing drinks! Everything in Lotus food truck is made from scratch, even down to our dipping sauces and dressings. We pride ourselves in using seasonal and freshest ingredients, always focussing on quality and providing value for money.



Picture of a food truck in Cape Town


We have serviced Cape Towns biggest festivals and markets,  from Rocking the Daisies to Ultra Music Festival,  HSBC 7’s Rugby and much much more.   Our primary focus over the past three years has been catering bespoke dishes to Cape Towns flourishing Wedding industry,  catering weddings of up to 200 guest serving several delicious courses. We also provide for private/corporate events as a cheaper alternative to traditional private catering. We can tailor our menu and offer to any budget.


Colourful street food


Lotus serves the public and will be visiting various business parks and public spaces during the week. Alternatively, pop into one of our three restaurants, “ The Mill & Press Café “ located in Black River Park, Observatory, Masons Press in Woodstock and soon opening in Old Castle Brewery.”

Creating the Lotus Food Truck


Lotus contact details


Kyle Miller & Chris Payne
Tel: 072 128 6752
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/lotusfoodtruck
Twitter: They focus on making quality food rather
Website: www.lotusfoodtruck.co.za


Tasty street Food


Black Box Coffee Truck


Long-time high school friend, Yorke, and I had been travelling the world living completely different lives but keeping in contact enough to keep a small flame of ambition lit as we always spoke of how cool it would be to go back home and start a little food truck together. When we both found ourselves again in Cape Town, we were both in a bit of a ‘limbo’ kind of space where we weren’t too sure what to do next, so we started brainstorming. It wasn’t until Yorke’s mom was having a bit of a rant about always having to find parking when she wants to grab a quick coffee that the idea struck: drive-thru coffee. We started doing some research, and before we knew it, we were opening a bank account and pouring our savings into a joint account, and the ball just kept rolling from there.


The Incredible Black Box Coffe Bar


We are completely off the grid. Therefore. We use natural spring water from the Newlands Spring to make our coffee. Along with this, we are solar-powered.

We wanted to target a more active, healthy lifestyle, go-getter type of customer and found Constantia Nek was the perfect fit for that. There are hikers, cyclists, parents dropping their kids at school, professionals on their way to work and there’s enough space for cars to utilize the drive-through window, so it turned out to be the perfect spot for us.

We set out to create something of value for people, and we’ve found day after day that people are so thankful for us being available in that location. We are grateful for the fantastic support we’ve received thus far.

Black Box Coffee contact details


Benn Koene
Tel: 078 663 0059
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/blackboxcoffeeworks
Instagram: instagram.com/blackboxcoffeeworks
Website: They focus on making excellent coffee


The Black Box Coffee Intro Video






Blended Bar Food Truck


The Blended Bar Food Truck started in 2014 with our first event being Rezonance an NYE party with 9000+ people, we have done huge festivals like Origin, Ultra Music Festival & more. We have done catering for a wedding (no planners). We have worked on many film jobs providing to 300ppl food and beverages in 3 hours.


The Blended Bar Food Truck

Blended Bar contact details


Layla Wallace
Tel: 083 554 1323
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/blendedhealthcafe
Instagram: instagram.com/blended_healthcafe/
Website: www.blendedbar.co.za


La Barista Coffee Food Truck


Alan from La Barista does all sort of events around Cape Town and now included JHB. He is specialising in high-end corporate events with bespoke Coffee Bars and well dressed and groomed staff to serve fantastic coffee all day long. You cannot go wrong with La Barista coffee, and Alan won’t even tell me the beans he uses, says it’s his well-kept secret. Well, those beans are amazing. Finally, coffee to get you going in the morning and one that keeps you going in the afternoon.


BLACK Coffee Food Truck


La Barista Coffee Bars contact details

Allan McCreadie
Tel: 082 494 8419
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/Labarista.za/
Instagram: instagram.com/la_barista_za/
Website: www.labarista.co.za



Las Paletas Ice Cream Food Truck

Well, in this case, we think that size doesn’t matter. You might call our display more of a Vintage Ice Cream Cart, but we can play with the big boys.



Las Paletas Ice Cream manufactures all our products from scratch. We are using fresh, locally source’s ingredients that are 100% Natural. No artificial flavourings are used, neither are those strange colourants. All the flavour and all the colour comes from the real fruit we use. We are creating a truly healthy treat for everyone.


a colourfull retro ice cream cart


Our Ice Cream Food Truck (cart) is available for Weddings / Corporate events / Year-end Functions / Brand activations / Film Shoots and Home delivery. We are also Ice Cream Wholesales to various delis across Cape Town. Find out more about our Event Services in Cape Town.



Las Paletas Ice Cream Food Truck contact details

Jason Sandell & Diana Chavarro
Tel: 021 556 1491
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/LasPaletas/
Instagram: instagram.com/laspaletas/
Twitter: twitter.com/LasPaletasCT
Website: www.laspaletas.co.za


The Wicked Waffle Food Truck


Tasty Wicked Waffle Food Truck


Wicked Waffle contact details

Gino Adriaensen
Tel: 082 674 0182
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/WickedWaffleSA/
Instagram: instagram.com/wickedwafflesa/
Twitter: twitter.com/wickedwafflesa
Website: www.wickedwaffle.co.za



Die Word Roll Food Truck



Die Wors Roll contact details

Craig Cormack
Tel: 082 562 8360
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/TheGooseRoasters/
Instagram: instagram.com/thegooseroasters/
Twitter: They would rather be making epic food
Website: www.dieworsrol.co.za/



No Juan Food Truck


Juan says the following. I always watched my mom prepared food and since early on in childhood I started cooking myself. My dad didn’t cook so often, but when he did it was truly amazing. I’ve always cooked for my family and friends when they come over.  As a young man, I arrived in South Africa in 2003. Being 23, I was full of ideas and visions. Argies was created with passion in 2012. Since then, ARGIES has grown consistently. Both in product range and quality.  We can 2 products out there in the market. N° Juan and iFreeze. You can purchase online www.number-juan.co.za Besides this, Argies South American Catering offers our UNIQUE ASADOS! (Argentinian braai on the cross).  A must-try for your next corporate event, or Braai if you insist.



Contact Juan


Juan says that he has worked with a range of celebrity Chefs in the past. These include, Lapo Magni, and the amazing Luke Dale Roberts. For those of you that don’t know, he started the Award-Winning Test Kitchen in Cape Town.

And the food you can find in N° Juan and iFreeze will be purely South American delicacies, such as Empanadas, Churros, Tarts, chorizo, chimichurri, mate, dulce de leche. It’s a superb range and one you will enjoy.


Contact No Juan

Juan Andres Vais
Tel: 082 562 8360
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/no.JuanDeli/
Instagram: instagram.com/argiesasado/
Twitter: twitter.com/ARGIES_ZA
Website: www.number-juan.co.za




Earthfire Pizza


Man serving Pizza from a food truck


Contact Earthfire Pizza

James Kielczynski
Tel: 021 785 3560
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/earthfirepizza/
Instagram: instagram.com/earthfirepizza/
Twitter: To busy making epic pizza
Website: www.earthfirepizza.co.za



Food Trucks to Hire in Cape Town

Epic Food Trucks in Cape Town Logo

Cape Town Food Truck Association.


Click on the below image to be taken to the Cape Town Food Truck Association website. Here you will find further Food Trucks to Hire for your event. With so many options in one place, you might find it hard to decide. Have fun going through the list.


The Cape Town Food Truck Association, click on the above picture to be taken straight there.


PS:  We, Las Paletas Ice Cream have eaten at most if not all of these Street Food Trucks to Hire in Cape Town. Enjoy the experience as we have.


Article by Jason Sandell

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