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Corporate Function Ideas with Ice Cream

Are you wondering how to show your staff some appreciation at your year-end function? We think a perfect way is to give them Ice Cream. Firstly, are you looking for Year-end Function Ideas in Cape Town? Secondly, are you still searching for Year-end function Themes? Thirdly, are you looking for Team Building Activities? Finally, you don’t have to look any further. Hire Las Paletas to hand our ice cream at your corporate event and include us in your year-end function ideas.



Year-end function themes

Without a doubt, our staff go beyond your imagination and offer truly unique ideas for your corporate event this summer. Along with this, we have plenty of ideas for team building activities that involve ice cream. Ready to make your corporate parties fun and joyful? Get in touch with us.


Year-end Functions with Las Paletas


Before we begin, if you think that organising an ice cream themed corporate event will cost you an arm and a leg. Then let us answer that. We’ll fit into your budget easily. Importantly, getting year-end function ideas from Las Paletas gives you an upper hand. Besides, many people across Cape Town know our brand and love our natural ice cream flavours. Therefore, they will be pleasantly surprised at your event. Something we know your guests would appreciate having.


Team Building Activities in Cape Town


Unique function Ideas.

Get in touch with us when you communicate with your event management company, and we’ll sync up the delivery and execution.


Year End Function Ideas


Corporate Team Building Activities

Whether you are looking for unique year-end function ideas/team building Ideas or product launches, talk to us. Include us in your team building activities for events to be remembered. After all, there is a reason why Las Paletas has been voted the best Ice Cream in South Africa for the last three consecutive years. Let’s explore how we can light up your day and create your perfect event.


Unique Year-end function ideas

Large Corporate events.

Las Paletas only produces 100% natural Ice Cream and frozen lollies. We call them Paletas. (Paletas are Spanish, and the direct translation is Ice Lollies) We have a wide variety of Ice Cream and Paletas for everyone. These include. Dairy Lollies, Dairy-Free Lollies, Sugar-Free Lollies. Chocolate-Dipped Lollies. Dairy Scoop Ice Cream and Dairy Free Sorbet Scoop Ice Cream. Did you know we have catered significant events at Shimmy Beach Club / The Grand Cafe and Route 44 for over 2000 people? These are just a few locations. Let us do yours next.


Year end function Idea

Year-end function ideas.

Having done over 250 events, we know what you expect from a supplier. For more significant (Larger) events, we have a dedicated manager on sight to overlook everything. We will also ensure that we have enough staff on site. And that our team are well-groomed and educated in serving our delicious Ice Cream. We understand the importance of being professional and polite to your guests at your annual staff party. Whether it’s a year-end event or a team-building activity, we know how to treat al your guests.


Team building activities.

It’s hot under the Cape Town Sun. Lets cool down your staff during your team building activities with our #CrazyDelicious Ice Cream. Include us as part of your unique team building ideas, and let’s create a day your staff will remember for years to come.


Unique Team Building Ideas

Vintage Ice Cream Cart.

Some people still like to reminiscence their childhood memories with the vintage ice cream cart. Our Retro Ice Cream car will do just that. For significant corporate events, we can have multiple Mobile Ice Cream carts around your venue. We do this to prevent bottlenecks and to serve your guests and staff and quickly and as professionally as possible.


Retro Ice Cream Cart, Vintage Ice Cream cart

Amazing Ice Cream

With over 30 Ice Cream flavours, we have enough variety to suit every pallet. From vegan popsicles right through to our crazy Pineapple and Chili for the adventures. Let’s help you be creative with your Annual Staff Party Ideas?


Team Building Activities Cape Town


Annual Staff Party Ideas

Subsequently, one most exciting thing you can do is personalised the whole experience. From branding our Ice Cream displays with your corporate branding. Through to personalised the Ice Cream sticks with your logo. Read our Ice Cream Blog post about Ice Cream Carts and how they can be branded, just for you.


Ice Cream Catering

Above all else, we know our ice creams will be a hit. Before every event, we have our driver on stand by. Not just for us, but also your event. Should your staff & guests consume more than you planned, we will have you covered. It tends to happen at most year-end functions and team building activities. We have learnt these lessons from the past and know how to keep pleasing our future customers, like you.


Annual Staff Party Ideas


Catering Companies in Cape Town

Your team building activities in Cape Town can be memorable if you get the right suppliers involved? Las Paletas have catered for over 250 corporate events and celebrations over the last half a decade. So if you are looking for year-end function ideas, look no further. Let us cater your event with an unmatched range of unique ice cream flavours. So, whether you are planning for a small event gathering or a significant corporate event, hire Las Paletas to create the perfect Ice Cream stations for you.


Happy Staff eating Ice Cream by Las Paletas
Year-End Function Ideas

Without a doubt, explore our full range of Vegan, Sorbet, Dairy, and Sugar-free ice cream, and let your guests taste the best!


Finally, our Animated Events Video.


Food Trucks to Hire.

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Article by Jason Sandell

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