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Mothers Day South Africa 2020

So it’s officially Mothers Day South Africa on the 10th May 2020. Without a doubt, the most important day of the year. And we guessed you are looking for Mothers Day Gifts?  Las Paletas Ice Cream has a wide variety of Frozen Treats just for your Mother this year. First and foremost, we will deliver right to your door, free of charge.

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Mothers Day Gifts

From Gelato to a pure fruit sorbet ranges, your Mother will be blessed to receive a Frozen Treat from us. Your Mama is about to enjoy a product that’s been Awarded the Best Ice Cream in South Africa for the last three years. We know you cannot go wrong with a box of Ice Cream from Las Paletas to create a Happy Mothers Day this year. Take a look at our award here.


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Happy Mothers Day

We at Las Paletas Ice Cream would like to wish all the Mothers out there, Happy Mothers Day. We hope you all get spoilt and splashed with plenty of love on this special day. As parents ourselves, we understand what you have been through over the years. Therefore this is our little gift to you.  It’s just a small token and would like to thank you for everything you have given us.

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How Happy Mothers Day Started

We hear that Mothers Day started way back in 1905, although it was only in 1908 when it was officially recognised as an official holiday. Click on the Mothers Day link to find out more and how it all started. We think it’s a fantastic story and well worth read.


Ice Cream for special ocassions by Las Paletas
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The Perfect Mothers Day Messages.

Send your Mother a message of love by getting her a box of our delicious lollies. They are filled with 100% natural goodness. What else could you ask for, oh yes, we almost forgot? There is no delivery fee on all orders over R 150.00.


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Delivery during Level 4 Lockdown

Read all about our delivery service during the current lockdown. We are registered as an essential service. However, we have decided to keep our factory closed and only do online orders. This decision was taken to keep our staff as safe as possible. Our team are the backbone of our business, and without them, we would not be. Help us to support them during this time. We know that our staff have families that they support. All our sales are going towards our staff salaries during the lockdown. We thank you for your continues support.


Special Day Ideas in Cape Town with Las Paletas Ice Cream
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Midnight Nappy Changes

Without a doubt, Mothers change more nappies than Men. Yes, we men do a fair amount but if we are all honest Moms do the most. Therefore we need to spoil them every day not just on Mothers Day. However, on this day we get to spoil them that little bit extra. So get down to our online shop and get your Mama something extra special this year.



Creamy Mothers Day Gifts.

On the one hand, we have Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream. On the other hand, we have Strawberry sorbet and everything in between. Spoil your mom with a delicious Ice Cream for Mothers Day from Las Paletas. We also have a sugar free range that will be suitable for your Diabetic Mother.

Lets celebrate mothers day together

Happy Mothers Day.

In Particular, we wish all the mommies out there a very happy mothers day. The year ahead will be filled with love and joy.


Amazing Gifts for Mothers Day
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Mothers Day Ice Cream Delivery.

Send the right mothers day messages this year with an Ice Cream delivery. Furthermore, we are delivering on Saturday just before Mothers day. However, space is minimal, so please get your order in as soon as possible. Besides, if we are unable to deliver on Saturday, we are delivering the whole week leading up to the 10th April 2020. Lastly, delivery times cannot be guaranteed, but we will get your order through to you in time to celebrate with your whole family.  By clicking on the below picture, you will be taken straight through to our webshop. Finally, we think you have the perfect mothers day message.


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Article by Jason Sandell

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