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Food Deliveries During the 21 Day Lockdown.

Firstly, let me tell you. As Owners and Co-Founders of Las Paletas Ice Cream, we will never forget the date our Government announced the 21 Day Lockdown.  The thoughts that went through our minds were  (….) And again, (….).  We plan well financially, but we didn’t expect this. Our business makes 40% of our yearly turnover in these two months, now what. What do we do now? Nothing apparently, well that was my first thought. Then it was all about Food Delivery During Lockdown. So this was our new game. So how does level 4 food delivery work, we were about to find out? What is an essential delivery service, do we qualify.


Las Paletas is a level 4 food delivery company and an essential delivery service
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Food Delivery During Lockdown Level 4


Online Ice Cream delivery during the national lockdown
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Essential Delivery Service

Well, this is where we all spurred into action. It was reactive, and I wished it was more proactive.  However, we had been thrown a curveball, a dangerous situation had arisen, and we need to get through this. All our summer corporate events were cancelled. These include the Cape Epic Cycle Race, The Cape Town Carnival and more. All our significant scale selling events like the Cheese Festival, Olive Festival, and many many more were cancelled. So what do we do now? So overnight, we became an essential delivery service.


Las Paletas is a level 4 food delivery Ice Cream company and an essential delivery service
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Food Delivery During Lockdown

So we started by offering a free delivery service to all orders over the value of R 150.00. But was this enough, would we get enough orders. Wow, were we surprised at the fantastic support Cape Town gave us.


Las Paletas Ice Cream is an essential delivery service
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Food Delivery During Lockdown

We asked Cape Town to please support our staff. All the proceeds from our sales are going towards their salaries and keeping a job for them when the lockdown ended.

Las Paletas ice cream is an essential delivery service
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We have received loads of support out there. With our fans retweeting, sharing and commenting on all our social media platforms.

So please follow us to get up to date news about Las Paletas.

Takeaway Food Deliveries

This was going to be the new normal in Cape Town. But in the beginning, no takeaways were allowed. No food deliveries were permitted. So what now.

Las paletas is an essential delivery service during the lockdown
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Selling Ice Cream during the Lockdown.


As we all soon realised, the Lockdown rules were not apparent in the beginning. Are we allowed to sell, what are the specific regulations and Laws? This website said this. That friend corrected me on that. It was complete confusion. What was right and what was wrong. We kept questioning ourselves.  And when we thought we were right with a little research we heard this was not the case, so what the (….) now. We need to carry one. We needed to make an income.


level 4 food delivery by Las Paletas Ice Cream
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Level 4 food delivery

Eventually, the rules and regulations became clearer. We could apply for essential services permit. However, this too was crazy. Many people asked how we can be an essential service? Yes, we supply a few Delis and Spar stores across Cape Town. But are we an essential service. So after researching and calling all the various departments, including the dreaded CIPC. Las Paletas was instituted as an essential service. However, our production facility needed to remain closed. Hence we needed to sell what we had in stock. And there was plenty. We were gearing up for some of our most significant events of the year, so stock was not an issue. The issue was, how do we sell it. Finally, we had an idea, and we had a plan. Not how do we get the word out there?


Facebook was our Friend.

Diana, our Co-Founder at Las paletas, realised that we were very reactive when it comes to our Facebook marketing. We would simply put out a post for the sake of putting out a post. Afterall we were business owners, and we didn’t have time to read. But our fans and clients did. So we decided to have a more human touch to our Facebook posts. Wow, what a difference this made. Within minutes of posting the orders come flooding in. Thank you Cape Town. This is how we would be a Food Delivery During Lockdown.

We are selling Ice Cream online.

When we launched our new website a year ago, we included an online store. Wow, what a brilliant decision back then. However,  it was never really used, and we didn’t market it. We were wondering how our Online Ice Cream Shop is perceived in this daunting age of Corona this – Corona that. Without a doubt, we certainly didn’t want to be regarded as someone breaking the laws. Because we have a reputation to uphold, we made sure what we did was legal. Bills and most importantly, Salaries needed to be paid. Hence it was time to ramp up our advertising and show the world, sorry Cape Town our online Ice Cream Shop.


Las Paletas Makes 100% Natural Ice Cream

Take a look at our orange popsicles, and you can order them online for home delivery during the lockdown.

Freedom DaySA

This week we saw Freedom Day in South Africa. However, we don’t feel very free, do we? We are now allowed to go out, and if we do, we are scared, we might not come back, germ-free. However, what we all still have is the ability to order Ice Cream online. Wow, and what a response Cape Town gave us when they heard the Cape’s No 1 Ice Cream is available online. Now let me tell you, our Ice Cream is Epic. It’s 100% natural and made from everything you think Ice Cream should be made from. So the Milk you have in your fridge, yes we use that.

Team Building Activities Cape Town

The cream you buy from your Coffe and Pasta. Yea, we use that, loads of it. You see we make Ice Cream the Old fashioned way, the way we think it’s meant to be. They are filled with natural goodness, not that over-processed well-marketed Ice Cream you get down at your local supermarket. Good Old Fashioned Ice Cream that’s made well. Ice Cream that contains #CrazyDelicious ingredients.  If this is what you are looking for, then, take a look at our online shop. Reminder, we are offering free Food Delivery During Lockdown for orders over R 150.00. Click on the below picture to be taken to our shop.


Team Building Activities in Cape Town
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Our Ice Cream Distribution

Want to see how we make our Watermellon and Mint Popsicles.

Order them today for Home Ice Cream Deliveries during the Lockdown.


Online Ice Cream Distribution during the lockdown

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We have lowered our pricing as we know times are tough and offering free freight on all orders over R 150.00. Our distribution networks cover the whole of the Greater Cape Town area. We are an essential delivery service. Ice Cream is essential, right? So get your level 4 food delivery through Las Paletas Ice Cream today. Take a look at our Food Trucks in Cape Town Blog Posts. We believe a few of these guys are operating from the 1st May 2020.


Colourful Range of Popsicles and Lollies by Las Paletas
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Gooseberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

So you are finally here. Our video editing skills might not be the best, but you will get the idea of what we are trying to get across to you. In particular, Las Paletas will always only use real ingredients. And will only use Ingredients that you know what they are. Enjoy watching.  Las Paletas is also offering Ice Cream Food Delivery During Lockdown, click on the above images to be taken to our shop, enjoy. So place an online order, and your shipment will be with you before you know it. If you ask nicely, it might even be the same day.  Las Paletas is an essential delivery service. We have all the required certifications and are following all necessary rules and regulations.


Article by Jason Sandell

We are #CrazyDelicious


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