Coffee Ice Cream


The freshest brew of the finest Colombian coffee beans makes this Colombian coffee ice cream and coffee lover’s dream. Rich and full of flavour this is the best coffee experience on a stick anyone can begin to imagine and then to top it off the lolly is dipped is real chocolate and nuts

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Coffee Ice Cream

We all wake up with a cup of coffee every day. The aroma of coffee on a chilly morning is no less than bliss. What if it’s converted into a Sorbet Coffee Dessert? Tempting, right? Our Coffee ice cream combines the right amount of coffee with the Milk Chocolate and nuts. Best of all, it’s 100% natural and made by Las Paletas.

Presenting our special coffee ice cream for all the brew lovers out there. We hate compromising on health for taste, so we prepare everything naturally. Super delicious and tempting but also healthy and nutritious. No added artificial coloring’s, flavours or additives in our ice creams.

We pick fresh cocoa beans from Colombia and then combine it with the rich, pure Belgian chocolate and nuts. Giving you a taste of real  Icy Coffee Dessert. One you have never experienced before.

Health Benefits of Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee converted into the ice cream is a must-try for every coffee admirer. Our rich coffee Paletas are covered with chocolate and nuts. Is not only yummy but also healthy for your tummy. According to the research, coffee is great for your health in many ways

  • Firstly, Great source of Fibre.
  • Secondly, Reduce muscle pain.
  • Thirdly, Protects from liver damage.
  • Fourthly, Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Finally, Less likely to suffer from depression.

Apart from the obvious benefits, our coffee popsicles have pure Belgian Chocolate. Proved to increase cognitive functioning of the brain. Provides sufficient amounts of fiber, vitamins, and minerals to our bodies. Much needed for normal functioning.

Nuts are also a rich source for providing fiber, fat, protein and vitamin. These all helps our body to growth and develop. So feel free to eat just more than one.

Description of our Coffee Paletas

Made from fresh Colombian cocoa beans, covered in rich Belgian chocolate and loaded with nuts. Actually Inspired by our co-founder Diana Chavarro. Born in Colombia. The freshly picked ingredients prepared from natural processes. Makes you fall in love with us. .

Furthermore, Las Paletas was Voted as the best ice cream producer in South Africa by the South African Dairy Council . Making every sorbet coffee ice cream from  only 100% natural ingredients. We reserve the goodness of nature. No added artificial colors, flavours, chemicals or additives.  Determined to supply only high-quality natural ice creams with mouth-watering flavours. All made right here in Cape Town.

Did you know that we cater weddings and corporate events  and wholesale to Deli’s . Visit Las Paletas, we’re certain that you will spend the best few bucks on coffee ice cream in your life. Take a look at our award winning Grande Chocolate Ice Cream.

Iced Colombian Coffee lollies dipped into Belgian Chocolate and Nuts

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