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Quality liquid Nougat blended together with Almonds and Cranberried. Frozen and then dipped into creamy Belgian Chocolate. A nougat lovers dream come true.

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Nougat Ice Cream

Who doesn’t get excited by Nougat Lollies? There can’t be a person on earth who doesn’t like ice cream, especially in summer. You might have eaten loads of ice creams, cones, sorbets, lollies, cups. But we’re confident that you haven’t tried ice cream as delicious as our frozen dessert or as we call them Nougat Paletas. Our Nougat Popsicles are genuinely different.

Las Paletas presents you with an ice cream made up of 100% natural ingredients. Yes, you heard it right, one hundred per cent natural! Las Paletas has been awarded the best ice cream in South Africa and manufactured right here in Cape Town. We, therefore, only use healthy and natural ingredients.

None of those weird and strange pre-mixed Soft Serve chemical mixtures go into our products.

We bring high-quality natural ice creams so you can enjoy the goodness of nature. Hence of Strap Line. Handmade with Love from Earth.

Our Nougat Ice Cream is made from 100% healthy almonds and cranberries and dipped in a creamy milk Belgium Chocolate. Our combination of almond and fresh cranberries will surely make you drool.

Health Benefits of Nougat Popsicles

Nougat Ice Cream contains three most healthy ingredients combined to give a burst of flavours. It has almonds, one of the most popular nuts; cranberries, tart plus low in calories and Chocolate, not only tasty but also nutritious.

Nutritional Value of Nougat Ice Cream

Almonds are edible seeds of the Almond tree and have a lot of nutritional value. An ounce of almonds contains

3.5 g of fibre
14 g of fat
6 g of protein
37% of Vitamin E in RDI
20% of Magnesium in RDI
32% of Manganese in RDI

The fresh flavour of cranberries is a treat for ice cream lovers. But the best part is, they have the highest health benefits in berries with the lowest calories. Cranberries are a source of antioxidants that are good for the digestive system and the urinary tract system.

The flavour of almonds and cranberries is enhanced and covered in pure Belgium chocolate. The Chocolate is not only super tasty but improves brain function and regulates blood pressure. We know you will love our Nougat Lollies.

nougat ice cream with almonds and cranberries dipped into belgian chocolate by las paletas

Description of our Nougat Ice Cream

Produced with 100% natural and healthy ingredients. Our Nougat ice cream is a treat for all ice cream lovers. High-quality almonds mixed with freshly picked cranberries and dipped into Rich Milk Belgium Chocolate. Nougat ice cream by Las Paletas will make your mouth water.

Las Paletas cares about eating healthy and natural. That is why we prepare every Nougat Ice Cream on a stick with no artificial flavours, sweeteners, chemicals, colouring or any other synthetic substances. Our motto is to deliver fresh and natural Popsicles or lollies as we call them. We bring together the best of nature in our specially made Nougat Lollies that is both tasty and seriously delicious.

Furthermore, we create smiles by serving our ice creams at weddings and corporate events in and around Cape Town. We bring a variety of new flavours from nature just for you. Visit Las Paletas, and you won’t taste any other Nougat Popsicle again.

Wedgewood Nougat supplies us with amazing liquid Nougat.

Try our Iced Coffee Ice Cream. It’s dipped into Belgian Chocolate and sprinkled with nuts.

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