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Dipped Lollies Multipack


Las Paletas artisan Lollies, Chocolate Dipped Multi Pack of 6 units

X2 Salted Caramel

X2 Grande Chocolate

X2 Raspberry Rose Water

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product description

X2 Salted Caramel– Those who say salt and caramel cannot go together. This masterpiece of ice cream making is the ultimate feast for your taste buds. Dipped in real Milk Belgian chocolate. Combining the sweetness of caramel and salt together.  Your new favourite from the first lick.

X2 Grande Chocolate – For those who love the rich cocoa taste of real chocolate, the Las Paletas Grande Chocolate is like heaven. Made from dark Belgian chocolate and chocolate brownies dipped in Belgian milk chocolate and topped off with nuts. This ice cream overflows with chocolate. Rich in flavour and made to the point of perfection this ice lolly is a chocolate indulgence that no one will be able to resist.

X2 Raspberry & Rose Water:  Raspberry and Rose Water infused sorbet dipped with Belgian White Chocolate.

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