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SUMMER Variety Lollies Multipack


Las Paletas artisan Lollies, Variety Multi Pack of 8 units

X2 Blueberry Cheesecake

X2 Belgian Chocolate

X2 Strawberry Sorbet

X2 Valencia Orange

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product description

Please note this product is out of stock till Sep-Oct due to season. We do not compromise in quality, which means only using Valencia oranges to make this amazing refreshing lolly.

X2 Belgian Chocolate – For the chocolate lovers, the Las Paletas Belgian Chocolate ice cream is heaven made with 70% chocolate. Blending the finest rich Belgian chocolate with real dairy ice cream to perfection creates a smooth bittersweet delicacy frozen on a stick.

X2 Blueberry Cheesecake – Fresh dairy ice cream and the freshest blueberries are combined to make this the sweetest and most enjoyable dairy ice lolly. The freshness and sweetness ooze from this amazing and ice cream creation. Made by hand you will believe this ice cream has been made just for you.

X2 Strawberry Sorbet: There are strawberry ice lollies and sorbets, and then there is the Las Paletas strawberry sorbet. Pack full of the freshest strawberry and a small amount of water, with no artificial additives, flavours or preservatives this is a strawberry lover’s dream on a stick.

X2 Valencia Orange – There is nothing tastier than fresh orange juice. The Las Paletas Valencia Orange Sorbet is made from 100% Orange juice from Oranges squeezed by us. This amazing fruit sorbet has the amazing sweetness and sharpness one expects from biting into a fresh orange, but frozen onto a stick.


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