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WINTER Sorbet Lollies Multipack


Las Paletas artisan Lollies, Sorbet Multi Pack of 8 units

X3 Strawberry Sorbet

X2 Pineapple and chilli

X3 Mixed Berries


product description

X3 Strawberry Sorbet: There are strawberry ice lollies and sorbets, and then there is the Las Paletas strawberry sorbet. Pack full of the freshest strawberry and a small amount of water, with no artificial additives, flavours or preservatives this is a strawberry lover’s dream on a stick.

X3 Mixed Berries – When it comes to flavour and enjoyment, our mixed berries sorbet is a winner. Made by blending six delicious berries. Your mouth will tingle with delight. This frozen delicacy is sort of sweet and sort of sour.

X2 Pineapple and chilli – This adventurous and exotic sorbet is sure to become one of your favoutites. Made with fresh pineapple and the finest fresh chilis the sweetness and spice complement each other in the most amazing frozen treat.

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