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Granadilla & Vanilla Sorbet (v)


Packed full of real granadilla. This pure fruit sorbet is sweet and tart. Perfect for those hot Cape Town summer days.

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Granadilla and Vanilla Sorbet

Life is about to get more exciting with our Passion fruit ice cream. No one would disagree with that. You might ask, how could this get better. When Ice cream is made by using completely natural and quality ingredients! Also, we don’t add any preservatives or use nasty processing methods. Keeping everything we produce all-natural. Do you know of any other ice cream producer in Cape town that does this? Then today is your lucky day. Las Paletas is the no. 1 ice cream producer in South Africa. Bringing original, unique and beautiful flavours with natural ingredients. Want to experience something palatable? Then look at our latest amalgam of granadilla and vanilla sorbet. Are your taste buds already tantalised? Our Granadilla & Vanilla Sorbet is made using actual Granadilla Pulp and real Vanilla. Satisfy your taste buds and come back for more!

Indisputably, Las Paletas creates natural frozen desserts made with only real ingredients. Such as real fruit and real dairy. So, we are proud to introduce our exciting new flavour.  Granadilla and Vanilla Sorbet. Undeniably, our priority is your health and quality we produce daily. For that matter, we avoid using any nasty processing methods and all preservatives in our ice creams. Doing so we include all the naturally rich and juicy flavours and retain all the natural fruit vibrant colours. This is all due to the natural ingredients and fruits.

They are packed full of real passion fruit. Naturally sweet and sour. Granadillas are perfect for enjoying in the hot Cape Town Summer.

Health Benefits of the Granadilla and Vanilla Sorbet

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  • Firstly Granadilla fruit is packed with nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron, carbohydrates, proteins, and fibres. Therefore it’s a rich source of vitamins A, B1, B3, B9, B2, E, C, and K.
  • Secondly, Passion fruit stimulates mental and physical growth with its excess nutrients. Importantly it’s also known to improve digestive problems while promoting good night’s sleep because of its relaxant properties.
  • Thirdly, loaded with antioxidants, proteins, and vitamins. Without a doubt, it promotes heart health while reducing cholesterol levels in the blood.


Tangy Natural Granadilla Sorbet with a hint of Madagascar Vanilla Paste in a Tub by Las Paletas


Las Paletas ice creams and sorbets are flavorful and 100% natural. Produced with only farm-fresh granadilla fruit. Swirled with real VanillaVanilla from Madagascar. By using only real fruit. We then mix in Bourbon vanilla to bring you the most delectable sorbet this summer. Known as the best ice cream maker in South Africa for only using real fruit.  We thrive on exceeding our reputation by creating only all-natural ice creams. These are all loaded with nutrients. So that you can healthily enjoy your dessert.

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