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Lemon Meringue Ice Cream


Creamy and delicate lemon-infused natural Las Paletas Ice Cream. Swirled with real homemade meringue. Creating a unique taste sensation just for you our #CrazyDelicious fans.

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s are Lemon Meringue Ice Cream

Are you looking for an ice cream infused with lemons to treat your taste buds?  While enjoying the amazing health benefits of lemons? If so, then you have landed the perfect place. Las Paletas is known for bringing you the most unique, natural, yet delicious ice creams in Cape Town. This time we brought you an amalgam of natural ice cream and meringue in just one spoonful. We introduce our lip-smacking and delicious Lemon Meringue Ice cream. Made with fresh farm sourced lemons, real milk, and homemade meringue. Our frozen meringue is what you need for satisfying your sweet tooth this summer.

Indeed, with our 100% natural ice cream. That is made with pure love and 100% natural ingredients. Is going to interest you further. Our latest fusion is natural ice cream and meringue infused with fresh lemons. Therefore we present you with a perfect opportunity to treat your taste buds with natural creamy goodness. As evident, we prioritize your health as well as our quality every step of the way. And for these reasons. We only use nutritious and natural ingredients in our ice creams.

Moreover, we avoid the use of all artificial flavours and colours—especially no strange processed ingredients and extreme processing methods. Therefore giving you the best natural ice creams. It is made with utmost dedication.

It is swirled with homemade meringue. This will fill your mouth with intense flavours. Leaving your taste buds wanting more after each spoonful.


Health Benefits of Lemon Meringue Ice Cream

Our Las Paletas Lemon Meringue is creamy, and light-textured ice cream swirled with real homemade meringue. What makes this ice cream exceptional is the fact that we make it with only natural and fresh ingredients. Zero artificial flavours and processing methods are used at all. While making sure we keep all the natural nutrients intact.

Our Lemon Meringue Ice cream brings you the following health benefits:

Firstly, Lemons are a rich source of Vitamin C as well as other plant compounds; hence it brings various health benefits.

Secondly, it reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke while lowering blood pressure levels due to its abundant Vitamin C content. The citrus fibre and plant compounds found in this miracle fruit also contribute amazingly, when it comes to heart health.

Thirdly, lemons are known for their incredible antioxidant content, which makes them great for weight loss. It also helps to improve insulin resistance while lowering blood glucose levels.

Fourthly, the high vitamin C content of lemons also does wonders for the skin. It helps in reducing wrinkles and sun damage while preventing ageing.




Lemon Meringue Ice cream is a creamy, and light-textured lemon-infused ice cream swirled with homemade frozen meringue. It brings you the ultimate joy by melting in your mouth with its rich and creamy yet light formulation. Prepared with only fresh and natural ingredients. No artificial flavours, colours, and processing methods make it even more delicious and suitably healthy.

So, stop by South Africa’s best ice cream producer. Las Paletas, today to treat your taste buds with the best-frozen meringue ice creams ever!

Did you know that over the last eight years we have catered over 200 weddings and done over 300 corporate events? 

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