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Las Paletas launches a new 100% Natural ice Cream range.


There is nothing that a tasty and delicious cone or stick of ice cream cannot solve. Whether you are sad or blue or you are so happy and wish to celebrate. Ice cream is the perfect answer for almost everything—especially 100% natural ice cream. Let’s brighten up those hot summer days with Las Paletas Ice Cream in Cape Town. Likewise, the winter evenings are cherished best with a classic chocolate ice cream. We are giving you a reason to get cosier in your blanket. If you are looking for the best natural ice cream, then Las Paletas is the answer. We feel gratified to say that we make the best artisan, handmade ice cream which brightens up all gloomy days and create sparks of happiness.

Smores 100% Natural Ice Cream

real chocolate smores ice cream by las paletas

7 Year Journey of Las Paletas.

We have been working to create magical and unique ice creams for the past seven years. Las Paletas has majorly focused on popsicles and lollies for a long time now. Our expert team has served at hundreds of different weddings and corporate events too. The unique blend of natural ingredients has helped us manage a reputation like none other. The guests praise the quality and taste of our lollies and are always left, asking for more and more. From the pure Belgian chocolate to classical brownie pieces within the popsicle, we have managed to create an array of different and unique ice creams that set us apart. This journey of 7 years has been massive and overwhelmingly incredible. We have received tons of adoration and appreciation from our clients.

Lemon Meringue Ice Cream

crazy delicious lemon meringue ice cream scoops by las paletas


In these seven years, we have collaborated with various event planning companies as well. Our expert, ice cream makers, set up at multiple events, creating ice cream right away. We also tag the lolly sticks with the event management companies sticker to help them grow and flourish. Moreover, we have been voted as the best ice cream in Cape Town as well. We have also been winning awards as the best ice cream since the past three consecutive years. Our seven-year journey has been nothing but impeccable, and we hope to continue to serve our clients with the best of the best.

Neapolitan Ice Cream

New Range of Ice Creams.

After being loved for our lollies and popsicles, we have finally introduced a new venture. Our team has worked to put together unique and delicious recipes, and we have finally introduced ice cream scoops and ice cream cones.

Matcha Ice Cream

Matcha green tea ice cream by las paletas


Scoop ice cream is one of the best options for a lot of people. Everyone does not adore lollies or popsicles. Thus, after our clients urged us to try out scoop ice cream, we put our team to work. Ice cream tubs will also be available, which means that you can take it home as well. Moreover, we are introducing ice cream cones too. So, you will be enjoying a variety of different ice creams which will taste incredible.

The expertise of our artisan ice cream has weaved together amazing recipes which will be just as flavorful as our existing ones. We have spent six months to make these as epic as our current range. Co-Founder Diana Chavarro came up with this idea and had been working with our team effectively and continuously since the past six months to bring it to life. We hope to continue serving natural and handmade ice creams with the same quality!

Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

Range of Existing Ice creams:

As mentioned above, Las Paletas has been serving popsicles and lollies for seven years. During this time Jason Sandell and Diana Chavarro and our team have offered sorbets, dairy and dairy-free, sugar-free and 100% natural ice cream. Our tradition stays the same with the new range as well. The ingredients used in our ice creams are 100% natural. We use fresh dairy and fruits and make sure that we combine the flavours thoughtfully so that the burst of flavours reaches our customers. You delve into a unique and delicious taste of ice creams with just a simple bite of our popsicles.

Apple Crumble Ice Cream

Crunchy Apple Crumble ice cream by Las Paletas


Our Grande Chocolate ice cream has been voted best in its class. It is a classic combination of brownie pieces, nuts and chocolate dipping. We are now introducing a new range of scoop ice creams and will be indulging all tastes in these scoops as well. At Las Paletas, we aim to bring a different flavour and flavour to our customers. We put in the effort to make recipes that make us unique from other ice cream brands. You won’t be able to find our taste in any other Sugar Cone Ice Cream.

Strawberry Sorbet – 100% Natural Ice Cream


100% Natural Ice Cream.

Jason Sandell and Diana Chavarro believe in natural ice creams. The taste of natural and fresh ingredients in unmatchable. Our ice cream is completely free of artificial flavours, colours and powders. With fresh fruits and dairy and spices along with herbs, we create magic! You will fall in love with Las Paletas ice cream. Thus, there is no need to search for ice cream places in Cape Town as we are at your right-hand access. Visit us, and you will undoubtedly fall in love with our ice cream. We believe in quality, and we are continually putting efforts to provide it. With real dairy and real fruit-Las Paletas has been offering 100% natural and artisan ice cream.

Colourful variety of Ice Cream in Sugar Cones

100% Natural Ice cream by Las Paletas

Therefore, come one, come all! We are now serving lollies, popsicles, scoops, tubs along with sugar cones of ice creams. Get lost in the best ice cream in Cape Town because you will fall in love with our flavours. We serve at weddings and corporate functions as well. If you are an event manager or planner and you are looking for the best desserts, then you can contact us right away. We have been serving event planners for a lot of years. We have been winning for seven years; understandably, we hope to keep winning for years to come. With your love and appreciation, we have grown significantly. Therefore we hope that you will keep supporting us.

Try out our new scoop and tubs of ice cream and delve into a unique taste that you have never felt before—pure heaven in a Sugar Cone Ice Cream. If you own a Deli and want to stock our products, give us a shout.

Peanut Butter – 100% Natural Ice Cream

We now have an office in Amsterdam, take a look a Las Paletas Holland.

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Article by Jason Sandell

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