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Strawberry Sorbet (v)


Packed full of fresh whole strawberries. No water is added. Just a drop of fresh lemon and a pinch of sugar. This makes all the difference. A strawberry lover’s dream come true.

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Strawberry Sorbet

Who doesn’t love juicy and refreshing strawberries? What if we tell you that now you can enjoy your summers with the last dose of strawberries? You heard it right. Our fresh Strawberry Sorbet Ice cream will tantalize your taste buds. We are the no.1 ice cream producer in South Africa known for producing ice creams with real fruits and natural ingredients. What makes us the most outstanding and loved ice cream producer in Cape Town? The fact that our ice creams are strawberry sorbet recipe is?

  • Packed with fruits and the nutrients remain intact.
  • Contain no preservatives, artificial flavours, colours, and stabilizers.
  • Involve no processing methods.
  • Rich in milk, cream, and dairy that come from grass-fed cows who roam in green pastures and are hormone-free.

Without a doubt, we strive to maintain this no.1 position, especially by sticking to our standards and not using anything artificial or harmful in our ice creams.  Therefore you get to enjoy 100% natural ice creams. This time we have brought you a refreshing flavour to help you cool down in hot summers – the Strawberry Sorbet Ice cream. Our  Strawberry Sorbet Ice cream is packed full of strawberries and no water. This sorbet is any strawberry lover’s dream come true!

Health Benefits of Strawberry Sorbet Ice Cream

We make sure to source our strawberries from the most luscious and heavenly sources. These strawberries are 100% natural, juicy, and revitalizing. Our strawberry sorbet ice cream brings you the following incredible health benefits:

  • These heart-shaped blessed fruits can boost your mood with their nutritionally blessed make-up. These fruits have compelling antioxidant content. They are also rich in Vitamin C, potassium, fibre, and folic acid. They make for the perfect snack for people with diabetes as they don’t raise your blood sugar levels at all.
  • Strawberries also contain carbohydrates, calcium, proteins, phosphorus, vitamin A, magnesium, and iron. They help to reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases like stroke and prevents cancer as well.
  • Free radicals cause inflammation of muscle and tissues as the harmful toxins keep building up, resulting in issues like gout and arthritis. Strawberries contain flavonoids that defend you against these free radicals—known to reduce oxidative stress preventing chronic diseases like cancer as a result.
  • The phytochemicals and flavonoids present in strawberries in abundance help to reduce the risk of age-related issues like vision problems due to macular degeneration. Hence it promotes healthy eyesight.


pure fruit strawberry sorbet ice cream by las paletas

Our strawberry sorbet recipe

Jam-packed with strawberries. Without a drop of water. Just a squeeze of fresh lemon and a sprinkle of sugar. Pure fresh whole strawberries. Importantly we never add any preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. Therefore the colour you see. The taste explosion you experience. Undoubtedly and comes from only the fruit itself. Hence it’s a real strawberry sorbet ice cream.

Drop by and enjoy the most refreshing ice cream this summer with none other than Las Paletas. You can also make your pool party or beach party stand out by ordering our fantastic ice cream as dessert and surprise your guests.

Besides this berry ice cream. Did you know that we also produce Strawberry Sorbet and Strawberry and Cream lollies?

Clearly if you own a deli and wany to stock our #CrazyDelicious lollies and Ice Cream, get in touch with us.

It should be noted that we having done over 500 corporate events/product launches and weddings, we know we can add value to your event planning.

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