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An indulgence of the real dairy Ice cream and fresh strawberries make the Las Paletas Strawberry Cream ice cream an ice cream like few others. The sweetness of the strawberries complements the richness of the real cream and dairy ice cream to create a truly heavenly ice cream treat.


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Strawberry and Cream Ice Cream

The high nutritional content of strawberries and the wholesomeness of cream soothing combined in ice cream, sounds finger licking? Strawberries and cream are two ingredients that provide you with the ultimate nourishment. Not to forget the mouth-watering flavours when combined. You guess it right, Las Paletas offers a strawberry and cream lolly that is sure to take your taste buds by surprise.

What’s more. Las Paletas Cape Town’s mission is to bring everyone 100% natural ice cream made with fresh and pure ingredients. We announce with pride our latest blend of the fascination and pure joy: the unrivalled Strawberry and Cream Ice cream. Undoubtedly, we prioritize quality, and for that matter.  Only the top-quality ingredients are used in our production. Additionally, we don’t add any artificial flavours and colours or any processing methods. Rest assured that you are having all-natural goodness when at Las Paletas.

Strawberry and Cream Ice Cream at Las Paletas will leave you craving for more as it melts away in your mouth. We bring a beautiful blend of milk, cream, double cream yoghurt, and quality cream cheese. Firstly, we make a Strawberry Coulis. Then add it to each mould to create a marbled effect in our lollies. Each lolly is sure to include real whole strawberries inside. Therefore you get the flavour and health benefits of real fruit with a delectable creamy taste.

Health Benefits of Strawberry and Cream Ice Cream

Las Paletas is the quintessential goodness that comes in the form of a lolly. Incorporating our vision of bringing you all-natural goodness yet again. Our strawberry and cream ice cream are sure to blow you away with its extraordinary health benefits. Let’s show you:

  • Packed with nutrients and high levels of antioxidants. Strawberries bring only good with their fat-free, sodium-free, and low-calorie goodness. A great source of manganese, vitamin C, potassium, folate, and many other minerals and vitamins. These delicious berries help you get that younger-looking skin and a healthy heart. Strawberries are also helpful in managing blood pressure and diabetes while preventing cancer, as well.
  • The cream is an extremely versatile dairy product. Without which many delectable recipes, particularly ice cream, wouldn’t be possible. Besides being the ultimate taste enhancer, the cream has many health benefits. From promoting eye health and immunity due to presence of vitamin A. To assisting growth due to the presence of Vitamin B2. The cream is as extraordinary as its taste when it comes to health benefits. It also helps in the growth of teeth and bones due to phosphorus present in it. Also, it contains riboflavin, which promotes the production of RBCs. And antibodies to make blood circulation and oxygenation effortless.


creamy strawberry and cream popsicles by Las Paletas


Description of our Strawberry and Cream Lolly

Our Strawberry and Cream is a blend of fresh and pure milk, cream, double cream yoghurt, and quality cream cheese with juicy berries. We assure you get enough of this ice cream as we treat your taste buds with some well-crafted flavours. Fresh strawberries brought to you in every strawberry and cream lolly. Could it get any better? We don’t think so. Find out for yourself as you dig into and fall in love with this beauty.

We are voted as the best ice cream producer in South Africa by the South African Dairy Council. We strive hard to maintain their position by bringing 100% natural products made with love and care.

Try us now to get the most value out of your bucks as we don’t serve you just ice cream. We bring you real fruits and the purest ingredients because we think and care about you!

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