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There is vanilla ice cream and then there is the Las Paletas Madagascan Vanilla ice cream. Natural ingredients with real dairy ice cream take vanilla ice cream to new levels of sophistication, intensity and taste.


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Vanilla Ice Cream

We’ve all eaten Vanilla ice cream in our childhood. That soft, sweet Vanilla on a cone, dripping on your face and you licking its delicious flavour. We all had our days with this ice cream as a child. But have you ever enjoyed the feeling of real, natural Vanilla? Las Paletas is 100% natural with exceptional taste that you will always appreciate. We know these will be perfect for your Corporate Team Building Events.

Las Paletas in Cape Town brings the best ice cream taste most healthily. Delicious ice cream flavours that are also super healthy. By combing the best quality ingredients most naturally and present you with the authentic flavours of nature. The best at what we do as we do not add any sort of artificial colouring’s, flavours, additives or preservatives, etc.

Our product is light, creamy and delicious. We know every person has a specialised attachment with this flavour. Hence, we take it on ourselves to present you with a vanilla ice cream that will blow your mind—taking pride in bringing you the best quality ice cream that you would not have tasted anywhere else. With a thick creamy base, our ice cream is the perfect way to satisfy your ice cream cravings.

Health Benefits of Vanilla Ice Cream

Ever wondered what the real health benefits are in your favourite ice cream? We will let you know the right side of Las Paletas yummy vanilla ice cream.

Used to add flavour, we use real Vanilla. Used in extracts, baking, medications, and many other substances. It also has the following health benefits

  • Firstly, People use Vanilla to treat fever
  • Secondly, Use Vanilla to cure intestinal gas
  • Thirdly, Added to food, Vanilla can prevent tooth decay
  • Fourthly, Vanilla reduces the cholesterol levels in the body
  • Fifthly, Beneficial in decreasing inflammation in arteries
  • Finally, Vanilla prevents blood clots

The best quality is always better. Like we used only the most delicate quality vanilla at Las Paletas and put into ice cream for you to enjoy.


real vanilla lollies and popsicles by las paletas ice cream


Prepared from the finest quality seeds and pods directly from Madagascar, manufactured right here in Cape town is the best choice for ice cream lovers. We are experts in preparing exotic ice cream flavours from 100% natural ingredients and methods like we have done in our vanilla ice cream. Did you know that the seeds are brown? Hence why you see brown spots in our ice cream. With Las Paletas in town, you can immediately spot the difference between real and artificial. We know these will be perfect for you next Corporate Team Building Events.

Voted the best for last three years by the South African Dairy Council, we proudly introduce our real vanilla ice cream that is hundred per cent natural and healthy that will take you back in your childhood days.

Las Paletas also offers services for Summer Weddings / and Team Building Events. Let’s supply your Deli in and around Cape Town. Taste our ice cream once, and you won’t want anything else.

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