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Belgian Chocolate


For the chocolate lovers, the Las Paletas Belgian Chocolate ice cream is heaven made with 70% chocolate. Blending the finest rich Belgian chocolate with real dairy ice cream to perfection creates a smooth bittersweet delicacy frozen on a stick.


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Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream


Happiness is when you get an unexpected dose of real ice cream. Do you know what enhances this happiness? When you get this dose in the divine flavour in the form of a Couverture Chocolate Ice Cream. At last, a real Chocolate lolly. That’s right! Never underestimate the power of Chocolate. Especially when it’s brought to you by the very best in town. You heard right, Las Paletas introduces its version of the most delicious Chocolate Ice Cream. We only use Real milk, eggs, cream, and Chocolate in our manufacturing process. Our 100% natural Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream is going to treat your taste buds exceptionally!

Las Paletas is, your go-to ice cream parlour if you need to treat yourself, friends and family with 100% natural ice cream. We proudly present our latest form of joy, the heavenly Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream. We believe in using high-quality ingredients that are fresh and pure. Moreover, we keep our ice cream away from artificial flavours, colours, or processing methods and bring you pure joy in the utmost natural form.

To make our Chocolate ice cream, we first prepare a custard base with real eggs, milk, and cream. Second, we add the richness of 70% Belgian chocolate to bring you the utmost satisfying rich and creamy ice cream for satisfying your sweet tooth.


Real Belgian Chocolate lollies and Popsicle's by Las Paletas Ice Cream


Health Benefits of Chocolate Ice Cream

Las Paletas excels in bringing a variety in its flavours. For that matter, we have introduced our new chocolate one, rich in flavour but as well as healthy. Made from natural ingredients without any nasty processing methods. Let’s find out some of the health benefits of our chocolate lolly.

Wait for a second and savour the moment as we are going to tell you that you do not need to give up your love for Chocolate. Instead, you can enhance it by shaping it to maximise the benefits you can get from it. To be more specific, we are talking about eating the right kind of Chocolate, which contains 70 per cent cocoa. And is referred to as high-quality dark Couverture Chocolate. Our Chocolate Popsiclecontain antioxidants called flavonoids and minerals like iron, zinc, and magnesium. It also contains antioxidants which are essential for healthy immune systems and are associated with premature ageing.

Chocolate helps to elevate the cognitive functioning of the brain by increasing the flow of blood towards it. Further to this, the flavonoids found in the Belgian chocolate help regulate blood pressure. It also contains compounds like polyphenols and theobromine that aid in reducing cholesterol levels. Belgian Chocolate contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation in the body.

Description of our Chocolate Popsicle

All Las Paletas Chocolate Ice creams are is made from the purest ingredients. Including fresh milk, cream, eggs, and Belgian Chocolate. Your mouth bursts with the rich flavours when this Popsicle treats your taste buds.

Las Paletas thrives on maintaining its position as the best ice cream maker in South Africa by bringing 100% natural products made with love and care.

We guarantee you our ice creams are the most delectable in town, and you can’t get enough of these rich flavours. So, visit us today and indulge in some heavenly Couverture Chocolate Ice Cream!

Consider adding our Toppings Combo and Magic Shell Combo sauce or one of the following. Milk ChocolateDark ChocolateWhite Chocolate and even our awesome Dulce de Leche sauce to your order.

We also have a Vanilla Ice Cream lolly.

Weddings and our Gelato

We have catered to over 100 weddings across Cape Town in the last six years. Therefore we know what you expect from a supplier. Take a look at our gallery images and a wedding page for further insights. You can also watch our Wedding Video. Brides simply love our Chocolate lolly, and we have included this flavour in over 80% of weddings we have catered.

Corporate Events and our Frozen Dessert

We have awarded the best Ice Cream on a stick in SA for our Our Chocolate Popsicle.
Three years in a row. We have catered over 150 Corporate events over the last six years. Therefore you can trust us to put a warm smile on your staff’s faces. All our event information is right here.

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