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White Chocolate Magic Shell


Homemade White Chocolate Magic Shell. Made with premium Couverture Chocolate and organic Coconut Oil. We think it’s the perfect White Chocolate Ice Cap for your next Ice Cream bowl.

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White Chocolate Magic Shell


Come and buy White Chocolate Magic Shell from Las Paletas. Ice cream toppings and sauces are the things that make every scoop of ice cream tastier. So, why don’t you give it a try and use our white chocolate dip to bring out the richness in ice cream? Made from the White Belgian Chocolate, our products have the most superior quality that will leave your mouth watering.

A homemade milk chocolate ice cap will be enough for you to use on multiple scoops. Consider melting the dip to pour it on the ice cream bowls or put them on your cones and wait for them to freeze. The White Chocolate Magic Shell will go perfectly with all of the ice cream flavours you adore. Premium chocolate and organic coconut oil bring out the lusciousness in the Belgian chocolate.

White Chocolate Sauce

We have prepared a smooth texture of chocolate with the finest ingredients so that everyone can fall in love with the quality. Ice cream is a food item that people can enjoy whenever they want. So, why not try to create a mixture of the flavours you like and top them with the white chocolate dip. We can guarantee that there is no other chocolate dip with such a smooth and creamy taste than our White Chocolate Magic Shell. Infused with the milk powder, cocoa butter, and sugar, this chocolate will leave you wanting more.


Ice Cream with Chocolate Magic Shell

White Chocolate Ice Cap

The chocolate will come in an ice cap, which means it can be stored in a freezer. And you can use it again and again. Just take the White Chocolate Ice Cap out, heat it until it melts and pour it over the ice cream scoops directly. The dips will freeze again once you let them sit. Start preparing your delicious bowl of ice cream with our white chocolate sauce. With over 35 flavours available on our online Ice Cream Shop, will have something just for you.

Watch how we do it and replicate at home.


Did you know you can include a Chocolate Dipping station at your next Business Event? We also cater to weddings and birthday parties.



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