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Are you looking for Homemade Ice Cream ‘near me’ in Cape Town?


If there is one thing all South Africans love, it’s ice cream. However, if you are searching for ‘ice cream near me’ in Cape Town, you likely don’t just want a boring scoop of vanilla. You want something special. At Las Paletas, we have a wide variety of Frozen Desserts and Popsicles available just for you.


Award winning Chocolate Ice Cream near me
Grande Chocolate Ice Cream

Without a doubt, we have a wide range of flavours for everyone from our oddball ones like Pineapple and Chilli to our award-winning Grande Chocolate. We even have sugar-free and keto ice cream. Las Paletas is South Africa’s fastest-growing dessert brand for a reason.


Don’t Go Looking for Ice Cream ‘Near Me’ – Get it Delivered!


Craving homemade ice cream? If so, we can help you satisfy cravings fast, by delivering over 30 of our bestselling Popsicles and Pints right to your door.


Boxes of Ice Cream near me

That’s right. You can get South Africa’s creamiest, most mouthwatering fruity Paletas / Popsicles and Pints delivered just like takeout.


  • Don’t feel like calling. No problem. Order Las Paletas online and speciality toppings online in seconds.
  • Hate feeling guilty after indulging? – If so, satiate your hunger with one of our delicious sugar-free or keto varieties.
  • No time to collect your order? – You don’t have to. We deliver direct to your door!

Over 30 Mouthwatering Flavours Await Your Order


Beating the heat with a scoop of Las Paletas ice cream isn’t just about cooling down. At Las Paletas, we take you on a dessert flavour adventure.

Relax after a long day with our bestselling Belgian Chocolate or try our fantastic pressed Orange Sorbet Lolly. Alternatively, explore new sweet temptations and sinful delights, by indulging in our Smores or Apple Crumble.


Chocolate Ice Cream near me

Finally, for Cape Town parties, BBQ’s, sorry Braai events, and get-togethers take a look at our family size Happy Boxes.


Deliciously Creamy All-Natural Ice Cream


Importantly, Las Paletas will never take shortcuts when creating new ice cream or sorbet flavours. Sure, it would be easy to experiment with lots of artificial colours and flavourings. However, where would the fun in that be?


cold pressed Valencia Orange pressed fruit Popsicles

Because we use real milk and all-natural ingredients in our ice cream, you can feel less guilty about satisfying your sweet tooth. Alternatively, you can indulge completely guilt-freely thanks to our unique sugar-free and keto varieties.


Pineapple Paletas

Get Free Delivery on All Orders


Las Paletas is made for sharing, celebrating, and helping you add an extra scoop of happiness to family get-togethers. Don’t just take our word for that, though.


Apple crumble in Cones

Take time to indulge. Order one of our delicious best-selling ice cream varieties now, and get free delivery on all local Cape Town orders.

Our office in Amsterdam

Did you know that Las Paletas has got an office in Amsterdam? Take a look at our website.


The Taste of Amsterdam Festival.

From just one show in London fifteen years ago. Taste has rapidly grown to become part of the social season for foodies, restaurant-lovers, and chef groupies. Taste if now available in 18 different cities around the globe. Wherever it is in the world, Taste represents foodie heaven. Stunning food prepared by the city’s most celebrated restaurants. World-famous chefs, superb drinks and outstanding entertainment, all set in stunning outdoor surroundings. “Taste Festivals could make a case for being the first organization to introduce the concepts of pop-ups and small plates,” says The Wall Street Journal. And Las Paletas was there, take a look at the below video. Want to know more about the Taste of Amsterdam Festival.



Article by Jason Sandell

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