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Lollies Happy box


Lollies happy Box (Feeds 18 – 20 people)

5 Brownie Cheesecake Lollies

5 Blueberry Cheesecake Lollies

5 Peanut Butter Lollies

5 Belgian Chocolate Lollies

1 Milk Chocolate Magic Shell 180g

1 White Chocolate Magic Shell 180g

1 Dark Chocolate Magic Shell 180g

1  Crumble Topping 105g

1 Almonds Topping 105g

1 Toasted Coconut 105g


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product description

Lollies Happy Box

Are you a fan of lollies? Do your kids love having lollies in summer? Are you having a pool party? Are you looking for dessert ideas that you can enjoy in and around the pool? If your answer to these questions is a yes, then you have landed the perfect place. Las Paletas introduces its Lollies Happy Box. You heard it right. This box is loaded with lollies in all your favourite flavours. So, bring on that pool party. You have been planning it for a while now. Go on, surprise your friends and family with Las Paletas Ice Cream. Ideally suited to beat the Cape Town heat. Our new Lollies Happy Box will put a smile on all your guest’s faces. Finally an exceptional range of boxes launched by Las Paletas to help you enjoy summer.

A box of Happiness!

Undeniably, Las Paletas brings organic desserts made with 100% natural ingredients. We are proud to introduce our versatile Lollies Happy Box. Unquestionably, our priority is your health as well as quality. For that matter, we avoid using any processing methods, flavours, colours, and preservatives in our lollies. All the rich and juicy flavours, along with vibrant colours, come from fruits and other ingredients.

Our Las Paletas Lollies Happy Box is the most exciting box you will ever order. Because it contains 20 of our amazing lollies. As well as a variety of delicious flavours. You will also get home-made magic shells and various topping in the box. You were, therefore, making your party all that more exciting. The box is enough to treat 18 to 20 people. So stock up to treat your family every now. Or just to satisfy your sweet tooth in those late-night cravings.

Stop waiting around and order your box today before we run out of stock for being famous.

Truly Healthy Ice Cream from an Award Winner Ice Cream Producer.

Las Paletas is without a doubt Cape Town’s favourite ice cream. Did you know we have also won awards? Unquestionably, we thrive on creating natural ice creams that are rich in nutrients. In addition to keeping you healthy while you enjoy our home-made natural frozen desserts. Therefore this is what makes Las Paletas Ice creams so remarkably unique:

  • Firstly, it’s only made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • Secondly, it’s packed with real health benefits and nutrients.
  • Thirdly, no preservatives, artificial flavours, or stabilizers are added.
  • Fourthly, created with fresh fruit, real milk, and fantastic chocolate.
  • Fifthly, no nasty processing methods are used.
  • Finally, flavours, real natural flavours create amazing lasting flavours!

So are you ready to bring the most delectable ice creams to your party?

Take a look at what the Whale Takes Blog has to say about us.

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