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Kids Happy Box


Kids Happy Box (Feeds 18- 20 kids)

3 Valencia Orange Lollies

3 Strawberry Sorbet lollies

3 Madagascan Vanilla Lollies

3 Strawberry Cream Lollies

1 Dulce de Leche Pint

1 Strawberry Sorbet Pint

1 Homemade Milk Chocolate Magic Shell  180g

1 Homemade White Chocolate Magic Shell 180g

10 sugarcane cups

10 wooden spoons

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product description

Kids Happy Box

Are you arranging a birthday bash especially for your kid and need the perfect dessert? Therefore you want to keep them happy? Do your kids love ice cream, and you wish to get your hands on all-natural homemade ice that is unquestionable healthy? Ice Cream that comes in a wide variety? Are you looking for the healthiest dessert option to satisfy your kid’s sweet tooth? Homemade ice cream without any preservatives and artificial flavours? If your answer is yes, then this is your lucky day as Las Paletas introduces its Kid’s Happy Box. Absolutely every flavour of ice cream that your kids want and are enough to feed 18-20 kids at a time.

Why Choose Kids Happy Box?

The Las Paletas Kids Happy Box is your go-to box whenever it comes to a small kid’s party, get-togethers, or when you wish to stock up for your kids. Without a doubt this outstanding variety box of homemade ice cream is specially designed for the little ones contains:

Above all else get your hands on this magic box now.

The Ultimate Healthy Dessert

Las Paletas exceeds its reputation in bringing you the healthiest ice creams in Cape Town. Without the guilt of having anything unnatural and unhealthy. We make sure to use the freshest fruits and dairy products in all our Ice Cream. We never use any preservatives or artificial colours and flavours in our creams. All the colours, flavours, and textures come from the natural ingredients we use. Creating the ultimate Kids Happy Box of frozen dessert treats for your family.

Our 100% natural and top-quality ingredients make our ice cream the most delicious and healthy option, particularly for the kids. It should be noted that we outsource these ingredients from reliable sources. These suppliers are especially popular for their superior quality. Therefore, the milk, cream, and other dairy products used are sourced from the grass-fed animals that are free to roam around. Besides, we never use any nasty processing method in creating our magical ice creams. Additionally, the Las Paletas Kids Happy Box is perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Guilt-free Pleasure for the Kids

Get your hands on our game-changer ‘Kids Happy Box’ and watch yourself how it lightens up kids’ faces and brings their most authentic and bright smiles on. Fortunately for you, you wouldn’t have to worry about feeding them anything unnatural and harmful. Rather make them feel happy and excited. Definitely order your box for the next party you are hosting. Then sit back and relax while our delicious ice creams win the tiny hearts and make them grin. You can even book your happy boxes in advance for any upcoming events and definitely treat your little guests with the ultimate natural goodness.

Lastly, take a look at kids enjoying our lollies at Deer Park Cafe. Obviously some of these flavours are also available in your Kids Happy Box.

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