Scoops Happy Box


Scoops Box (feeds 15 -20 people)

Perfect for a party, or celebration this box has a variety of scoop ice cream, along with toppings, Dulce de Leche sauce and a variety of homemade magic Shells.

1 Dulce de Leche Pint

1 Dark Chocolate Pint

1 Lemon Meringue Pint

1 White Chocolate Pint

1 Milk Chocolate Magic Shell 180ml

1 White Chocolate Magic Shell 180ml

1  Dulce de Leche Sauce 180ml

1 Toasted Coconut Topping 105 gr

1 Oats Crumble Topping 105 gr

1 Sprinkle Nuts Topping 105 gr

20 cups (sugarcane)

20 wooden spoons


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