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Mini Scoops Happy Box


Mini Scoops Happy box

1 x Dulce de Leche 120 ml

1 x Matcha 120 ml

1 x White Chocolate and Berries 120 ml

1 x Smore’s 120 ml

1 x Dark Chocolate 120 ml

1 x Peanut Buttter 120 ml

1 x Apple Crumble 120ml

1 x Lemon Meringue 120ml

1 x Strawberry Sorbet 120 ml

1 x Granadilla and Vanilla Sorbet 120ml

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Mini Scoops Happy Box

Everyone loves ice cream. Especially because it brings on a smile around the dinner table. If you are planning to treat your family, then we have just the perfect frozen dessert just for you. So definitely get your hands on our new Las Paletas Mini Scoops Happy Box. Apart from this, it includes 10 best Ice Cream Flavours. Everyone can now get their favourite. Our mini scoops are the ideal serving when you have eaten your fill and need something sweet. Order your Ice Cream Box today and make your family fall in love with real Ice Cream. Besides, you wouldn’t have to worry about feeding them anything artificial. Without a doubt, we only manufacture 100% natural ice cream.

Colourful variety of Ice CReam in a Mini Scoops Happy Box by Las Paletas

10 Best Ice Cream Flavours in 1 Box

Unquestionable, our Mini Coops Happy Box is a little box of Ice Cream happiness that has all the ingredients to put a smile on everyone’s face. The natural ingredients plus our homemade recipes make it safe for your family to enjoy all year round.  A Mini Scoops Happy Box includes the below 120ml ice cream tubs.

All-Natural Ice Cream

Are you health conscience and have the occasional sweet tooth? Do you run short of ideas to fulfil your sweet cravings while staying on your fitness track? If yes, then you have come to the right place. It should be noted that Las Paletas manufactures 100% natural ice cream with real ingredients. It should be noted, that our dairy products come from animals that are grass-fed and free from excessive added hormones. Our fruits and are sourced directly from top-quality farmers. Therefore ensuring we get the best possible quality time after time. Without a doubt, all the colours, flavours, and textures of our ice creams come from the natural ingredients we use. Above all please enjoy our ice creams guilt-free.

Amazing selection of gourmet Ice Cream in a Mini Scoops Happy Box by Las Paletas


Therefore, order your Mini Scoops Happy Box for your next celebration. It contains 10 best Ice Cream Flavours. Absolutely and Definitely stock up the fridge and enjoy with your family. You can finally stock up your Mini Scoops Happy Box well in advance and request it to be delivered on a certain day.

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