Las Paletas Happy Box


Las Paletas Happy Box (Feeds 38 – 43 people)

4 Valencia Orange Lollies

4 Strawberry Sorbet Lollies

4 Belgian Chocolate Lollies

4 Salted Caramel Lollies

1 Smore’s Pint

1 Lemon Meringue Pint

1 White Chocolate and Berries Pint

1 Apple Crumble Pint

1 Dulce de Leche Pint

1 White Chocolate Magic Shell  180g

1 Dark Chocolate Magic Shell 180g

1 Milk Chocolate Magic Shell 180g

1 Dulce de Leche Sauce 180g

1 Sprinkle Nuts 105g

1 Toasted Coconut Topping 105g

1 Almond Topping  105g

1 Crumble Topping 105g

25 Sugarcane cups

25 Wooden Spoons

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Las Paletas Happy Box

Are you looking for the most nutritious and vibrant dose of dessert for your upcoming party? If the answer is yes. Then you don’t need to look any further as Las Paletas brings you the Ultimate Las Paletas Happy Box of Ice Cream. This Happy Box contains a wide variety of ice creams, popsicles and lollies that readily serves 38-43 people. You are sure to impress your guests with our creamy, fruity, delicious ice creams that will leave your guests wanting more. Our mission at Las Paletas Ice Cream is to bring you divine yet 100% natural ice creams. We prioritise quality as well as your health at the same time. We never use any preservatives or artificial flavours and colours so that you only get all-natural goodness.

What’s Inside: 

Valencia Orange Lollies
Salted Caramel Lollies
Strawberry Sorbet Lollies
Belgian Chocolate Lollies
Smores Ice Cream Pint
Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Pint
White Chocolate & Berries Ice Cream Pint
Apple Crumble Ice Cream Pint
Dulce De Leche Ice Cream Pint
White / Milk / Dark Chocolate Magic shell
Dulce de Leche Sauce
Variety of sprinkles
Along with a variety of Cups and spoons for everyone.

The Remarkable Las Paletas Happy Box

We are proud to introduce our delectable Las Paletas Happy Box, which is the ultimate box of happiness. It is perfect for serving a party of 40+ people. Ideal for bigger parties and celebrations, as it comes with a mixture of our exceptional flavours of scoops, lollies, toppings, and magic shells. You can also get the box customised to your tastes and win the hearts of your guests for being extremely cautious and thoughtful while choosing the dessert. Pre Order your Las Paletas Happy Box of Ice Cream today and forget about preparing dessert. Your healthy and top-quality Las Paletas Happy Box will arrive just when you need it to bring a smile on your beloved guests’ faces.

Believe us when we say that our ice creams would be the best ice creams that you ever had and our Las Paletas Happy Box is the best investment you ever made for a party. So, order away today!

Perfect for Your Party?

Undoubtedly Las Paletas is one of the best ice cream producers in South Africa. Furthermore, we have won an award from the South African Dairy Council. Following this, Las Paletas was voted one of the best due to the fact that we only use 100% natural ingredients. Without a doubt, all our processing methods are also designed to retain as much natural goodness as possible

Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, or a corporate event, Las Paletas is your go-to ice cream producer that is sure to bring you incredibly delicious ice creams that would treat your and your guests’ taste buds with nutritious goodness and richness.